summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, August 1, 2016

under the knife...

Miss Suzanne Eleanor (15), Miss Kathryn Grace (18), and Miss Sonja Kathleen......Sonja got her diagnosis today, finally...and it's not as bad as it could be, but it could be better. Apparently her knee dislocated, then popped back in, taking some cartilage and tearing a few pieces off, leaving chunks of it floating freely around the knee. Those pieces have to be removed or they will cause further damage. The knee is still painful and swollen, and she isn't to walk on it, so no ditching the brace and crutches yet. She is having the surgery next Tuesday, and as with most operations these days, is a one day thing, done with two or three small incisions, depending on how easily retrieved the pieces are.

The recovery time from the surgery should be short and sweet, and he thinks she will be feeling lots better within a week or so. Kathryn Grace is out shopping today, and bought Miss Sonja K. a shirt and a nice soccer ball, because she is nice, and because she worked a few days last week and has money. I love this about the kids, they way they bless each other.

My schedule for August is filling up fast because guess what, Paul and I are going to California to visit Aaron and his friend!!! Abigail and Margaret are coming home from Norway I am hoping to fly down to Washington D.C. with Abigail so she can drive her car back here to New York, Sam has been using it for the year she has been gone. We are having a first birthday celebration for grand-baby Lydia. We still want to go to Lake George, but now I have no idea when we'll fit it in.

We're leaving tomorrow for the conference, which lasts through next Tuesday, but Sonja's surgery is now going to be on Tuesday, so I'll be leaving early.

Never a dull moment. Yesterday the battery died on the minivan, so I had to go to Walmart and get a new one. Today Abigail's car insurance was cancelled because of a mix up with a credit card that was cancelled because the account was compromised...the insurance agency called here a few weeks ago, so I went in right away to talk to them, no, they said, it's all good. Then today it was cancelled...ugh. I had to go in and pay it for her.

I also did the shopping for the meals for next week, forgetting who knows what. Ben and Ashley are due here any time now, Paul is bringing home sweet corn from the farm stand down the road, and I am going to grill burgers. Evelyn, whom I owe a million dollars, made a pasta salad today while holding down the fort with the younger kids while I took Sonja to the dr. and did the shopping for next week.

The little girls are helping clean up the house. Duke peed in the hallway last night. Wah. We take let him out late at night and first thing in the morning, but lots of times he still pees in the house. Or worse. He's old. I do not like this at all. Why can't he just be a despicable old dog, whom I cannot wait to do away with, ha. I love him so much. He's so gentle and kind and he follows me around so faithfully.

I am not sure when I'll be able to write again. Tomorrow morning, Anya will be waking up here and spending the day with us...with her mom and dad too. But there's something about seeing the little ones in the morning, something special. When I wake up and remember she's here, yay!!! Plus, Davian is coming for a visit tomorrow.

Time to make burgers...:)


Carol Slater said...

You are a very busy lady! I am sorry that your daughter needs to have surgery but it sounds as though it is a very needed procedure. I will keep her in my prayers

Marilyn Reid said...

Have a really fun time with all the family!! You are one busy lady. I hope Sonia's surgery goes well and that she is bouncing around in no time. Poor girl. And I just cannot believe that baby Lydia is going to be a year goodness. Have fun!!!

Marilyn from Canada