summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, July 28, 2014

attempting a post....

Nothing screams Talk To Mom like Mom sitting in her chair. This results in scatterbrained writing, yes, I am blaming it all on the kids.

Today was wonderful! I love rainy days. I stayed up too late last night, or rather too early this morning. But not as late as a few of my girls, who were indeed making Ramen noodles and fried potatoes at 1:30 am. Anyway, imagine my surprise and irritation to be woken at 8:30 am by the dogs a salesman knocking at our door! Okay, I had already woken up, but I had a good book next to my bed, and was planning to read for a bit before facing the day. Or perhaps even fall back to sleep. But no, I had to jump up and grab my lovely polka-dotted robe, and tell that young college boy who had already been here last week to try to sell us books that we still aren't interested. I could not believe he came back. Samuel told him last week that we would not want to buy anything, and not to come back. He came back anyway, and way too early. I told him that my Army son already told that young salesman pointed up at the rain falling on him, shrugged, and motioned to come inside to discuss it. Um, no sir. No way, no how. I said, "I can't seem to make it clearer than this. I am not buying anything from you, and my Army son told you last week that already. Goodbye."


So, I talked to the little girls, and got back in bed for a bit, but didn't go back to sleep. I just enjoyed being back in bed. I left the door open so the little girls could come in for a few hugs. I love that.

Today was catch up on laundry day. I also swept the floors, vacuumed the furniture, and did tons of dishes. I packed clothes for the kids for our church conference, so I can take them out to the camper tomorrow when I clean it.

I also took a break in the afternoon with some coffee and dark chocolate that Paul brought from France, and some almonds. I have eaten very decently today....then I went for a rainy walk.

The chicken and veggies are done, we are having a, "casual" dinner tonight, the kids are starting without me. I just felt like writing, and didn't have a chance to today. Sonja used my computer to watch a movie, ect.

Ten kids were here all day, no one went anywhere until the afternoon, when Margaret took a few of them to town to bring back a Redbox movie, and get the new Lego movie for the little kids. She also helped Jonathan clean up his room today and organize his toys. :)

Camille is working on a scrapbook, which Margaret is also helping with.

The living room is all filled with kids now, and Paul is home from work. So I can't think straight, less straight than usual. So off I will go to have some healthy dinner....and perhaps write something more coherent tomorrow.

(Oh, I heard from Sam today, he likes it there so far. He can see Arlington National Cemetery from his barracks.)


Martha said...

My kids used to sit behind me and correct my spelling. I probably had much less editing to do back then.

I loved the rainy day too. I should have put on my galoshes and gone puddle jumping, but I enjoyed the dark and dreary day from inside instead.


Kathyb1960 said...

Isn't there a law salesmen can't come before noon? There should be! 8:30 is a little early! Good grief!

So glad you got to visit with Sam, and glad he is at his station now. Did he ever say much about the saga of the push-ups? Man!

16 blessings'mom said...

I detest sales calls and door to door salesmen, if I want something I will seek it and buy it. Of course I don't personally dislike them, but leave me alone! I try to be nice, but I don't want to waste their time, do I? Sam's push-up saga, oh dear. When he got to the training place, he was instructed to do like 25 an hour, all day long. He finally aced them:) He called yesterday, apparently they are trained for four one week sessions, moving on after passing each session. (at his new duty station). The first week is all about the uniform.