summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

holiday shopping....

Today, we went to Walmart. I was one of those moms...the kind who walk blissfully through the store, seemingly unaware of the havoc being wreaked by her unruly children. Not really. We just decided to make today's trip a fun one. So we took our time, and I let them look...and while I did stop them from riding the bikes around the toy department, I did let them try out the Power Wheels Car. The girls got in and Jon pushed them. Not my kids, I said as I walked away quickly.

I wanted to get a few things for my trip, like socks. I operate on a very slim sock margin. Just two or three pair which I wash and wear over and over again. I am a picky sock person, but I keep good track of my favorites. But going away for a week means I need more socks.

I also stocked up on Excedrin Migraine, just in case. The last time I flew out to Washington state, I got a horrid migraine. This time I will be better prepared. I also bought gum and mints and a teeny tube of toothpaste, because we all know how dangerous those regular sized tubes are!

We picked out a few gifts for the secret Santa at church, and some razors...then as we passed the aisle containing the pads and tampons, Jonathan said that he thinks the girls might need more of those things. In fact, he said, he was pretty sure he heard they did. Too funny.

We bought bananas and milk and a big box of frozen pizza rolls for them to have when I am out west. I let them pick out some ice cream too, and even a bag of Doritos. I do not eat even one of those things, or I would have to eat the whole bag.

I don't know how it happens, but we spent a hundred bucks. And that's without buying all the cool stuff we really wanted.

Today...oh what a day. Unremarkable, yet so full. We scrambled out of bed and went to the pool. The kids had protein bars and water, I had a handful of almonds, and out the door we went. We got home, took care of the wet stuff, and started to make some breakfast. I decided to wash up a few dishes first. I set aside one of my favorite mugs from the drain, and when I set it on the counter, I set it on a spoon, which led to that nice red mug's quick demise, it shattered all over the floor. Dang it. I loved that mug. And now I had to sweep up all the pieces. I went to dump the dustpan, and dang it if the garbage isn't overflowingly full. I took the bag out, but just left it on the deck, planning to ask one of the older kids to pretty please bring it down to the can for mom. Then one bad kitty peed on the towel that goes in front of the 'fridge. The towel that sops up the unexplainable slow trickle of water. I put that in the washer, disinfected the floor, put a clean towel down.

Phone call from the ambulance service about the claim number. Text from Aaron, yes, of course you can come over! Talked to Emily, she was coming to take the girls somewhere. Jonathan, please take the garbage down. What!? They got into it already!? Yup, it was all over the deck, bad dogs!

And so my unremarkable day went. Aaron came over, he brought me a nice hot cup of Starbuck's Holiday Blend coffee. I kept calling it Christmas Blend, just because. Holiday indeed. Anyway, Aaron sat and chatted, and reserved a hotel room for when we go visit Benjamin. I will stay with Ben and Ashley for the first three nights, then when Aaron gets to Washington, I will join him at the hotel, just a few minutes away. It's a nice place, with a 24 hour pool and hot tub, and breakfast, along with a manager's reception in the evening.

Ben and Ashley just moved to a bigger house, north of where they were. Just yesterday. So they are in shambles trying to get the place together. Little Anya is confused and doesn't want to be put down. Grammy will just have to go out there and hold her and play with her. :)

Emily came to pick up Kathryn and Suzanne, she had Evelyn with her. Apparently Emily is on the high school's list of people approved to pick the kids up from school early. They were heading out to have a late lunch at Panera, so Aaron joined them.

That left me with the three youngest, so off we went to Walmart.

We picked our minivan up from the place in town. The steering was fixed for the bargain price of a hundred fifty seven dollars. Paul asked, on the phone from Florida, if they checked the oil, it was down a quart. I have no idea. He told me to check the oil tomorrow. Just find the thing with the yellow cap, blah blah blah. Oh, and the dryer won't turn on, unless you try to turn it on like a hundred times, then it finally starts to hum. Paul said it's probably something simple. okay.

Tomorrow morning we are heading out the door for the dreaded mall in the suburbs. Down where the girls crashed. Suzanne has to see the eye doctor to get new glasses, hers broke in the accident. The eye doctor is in the mall, so we decided to make a fun day of it. My sister-in-law will meet us there with some of her home schooled kids. (Olivia is already here:)).

Don't ask me why, but when the kids asked me if they could please please sleep in the living room tonight, I said they could. They are adorable. Charlotte is sleeping right smack between Suri and Duke. Jonathan is still reading, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", and Camille is fast asleep with the kitten.

The fan is on, and I told them they could leave a set of Christmas lights twinkling in the window for a nightlight. I am too cozy to get up and go to bed, but I will be sorry in the morning if I don't move it soon.

I have enjoyed my unremarkable day. The highlights:

1. At the pool, Camille stuck one foot in and said it was just the right temperature. "It's exactly how I like my tea!"

2. I bought the three kids one cup of popcorn chicken to share, from Walmart. (deep fried styrofoam). Jon was the boss of it, and he let them each have four, then each have two, ect., until it was all gone.

3. Instead of a bedtime story, I told them stories from when I was little, and they loved it.

4. Today we read an article in the National Geographic about the Christmas eve cease-fire that took place during WW I between France and England and the Germans. They sang hymns and carols, and exchanged gifts. They did not want to go back to fighting the next day, but were forced to. This isn't exactly a highlight, but it was interesting to read it to the kids, and talk about it.

5. The cashier in Walmart assumed that my kids eat an extraordinary amount of bananas. She said, "three kids, three bunches, wow."

6. The first Target order came today. The mail lady is going to think...I don't know what she's going to think. That glitch, all those packages...ugh.

7. Suzanne's face is healing up miraculously. She is young and healthy, but still, it looks SO much better.

And, Jon just turned out the light, so I am going to let him fall asleep.

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