summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, September 19, 2014

yummy friday!!! and, no shock!

Yesterday afternoon, I made two pear pies.

Jonathan and I went for a nice long afternoon walk, then decided to pick some pears from the tree in the front yard.

We had been out shopping.....

We went to the dollar store, BigLots (we bought baby food there, and ate some in the car. I love apricots/applesauce mix, the kids had apples/bananas. We had to buy a package of spoons, too, but it was worth it because I have a project in mind for the empty jars....). We bought a few fun things for 90% off: these cute flowers to put on the girls' bedroom walls, and solar flowers with gemstones that light up really amazingly...the kids learned that 90% of $12 makes the item a dollar twenty.)(Buying a few trinkets to make a room look cool and promising them for when the room gets clean is an excellent motivation to get the room clean!) We went to BJ's for milk and chicken and shampoo and conditioner and some girly things, which Jonathan explained to his little sisters. Oh, if I could have videoed it! He is SO funny, all seriously telling his little sisters that they were going to get their periods when they got older. I just let him go, it IS a natural part of life, after all. And he does have NINE older sisters. Anyway, we went to the grocery store last, for frozen veggies and eggs and canned veggies and pasta and sauce and coffee and...some bulk candy. I let them choose a few pieces, and weigh and punch the numbers in themselves.

Home to put it all away and clean up and start dinner...I made a few cookie sheets full of meatballs, put them in the oven, and out the door for my walk which I had skipped in the morning because of the rain. Jon came with me, and let me tell you, he does not like air in the conversation. We talked about math and how scary the woods are and how many different animals there have been on my walks (snapping turtle, baby skunk, injured chipmunk, a fox, several deer, a few buck, that horrid turkey buzzard/vulture that swooped at me as if I would actually steal his roadkill....and of course the snakes and frogs and all sorts of bugs, butterflies, and then the array of different flowers.....

We got home and picked the pears, and made the pies. Oh, that sounds easy. Just picked pears and made pies. In the middle of it all, kids coming and going and flour everywhere and peeling all those pears...making dinner at the same time, sauce for the meatballs, and a pan of pasta which Paul ended up making when he came in at 7:00....I eat my meatballs and sauce with French cut canned green beans, it is just as good as spaghetti, ha.

Anyway. That was yesterday. Aaron was here in the evening for dinner and pie. We sat around and solved the worlds' problems...

This morning, I had to get up at 5:30. Now, when I know I have to get up early, I wake up a few times to check my phone to make sure I haven't overslept. blah. 3:05 and I was thinking about how to make miniature doll prams, of writing a letter to my son Benjamin and pleading with him not to stay in Washington state because I miss my grand daughter so much it hurts and I cannot even comprehend not being a part of her life...then I started in thinking about all the kids, and praying for them, and on and on....I finally checked the time: 5:01! I had to get up in half an hour. So, I promptly fell asleep. Isn't that the way it goes?

Anyway, Paul and I got in the truck while it was still dark and headed down the highway as the sun came up, in the morning fog. He seemed calm for someone who was going in to get his heart shocked back into sinus rhythm. I tactfully didn't make myself any toast to eat on the way, since he couldn't have anything to eat or drink. I did sip my travel mug of coffee though:). Anyway, he was all hooked up to the monitor, and what do you know? He was in perfect rhythm! The new medicine works! No more A-Fib!

So, after a chat with the cardiologist, and a quick EKG, we were on our way home!

He left for work though...wah.

And, since he doesn't want to be on those medicines for life, we will be going back to the doctor in a few months to discuss him having another catheter ablation done on his heart.

But for today, all is well. The sun is shining, the kids are done with their work, and we are going apple picking! Paul is coming home to go with us, so I had better get up and be ready....

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Susan R said...

That is great news about Paul!
Your pie looks soooooo delicious.