summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

thieves, amusement parks, and blistered feet....

I thought it would be only fair to share the "big" picture...Camille took this of me today at the canal park.

We walked and walked, Paul and Sonja and I with Suri, while the three youngest rode bikes.

My feet have blisters on the bottom. We went to the amusement park yesterday, and had a BLAST. I won't bore you, but oh my it was fun. I went on over a dozen rides, and screamed with the kids! We spent some time in the waterpark, lazed on the lazy river, played in the wave pool, and went down a huge waterslide in a raft. I get very queasy and dizzy on some of the rides, and have to take a break...

And...someone broke into our car and stole stuff while we screeched and screamed in the park. Harumph. My beautiful new to me, anyway. It was so nice...coral colored, lots of handy pockets...I got so many compliments on that purse, and it was only $4.99 at the thrift store. I can't just go replace it, it would be expensive to buy new...and of course the stuff IN the purse, like my 99 cent Dunkin coupon, that was reusable and good for the month of August, for any size iced coffee. wah. And some cash. And my checkbook. Yeah, we had to go to the bank today and fix stuff up, close out the account so the thief can't cash checks. I had to cancel my Target card, and the thief got my gift card from Aaron, that I was saving for a rainy day. Also, I had an envelope of receipts for the candy I bought for summer conference at church, plus...two signed church checks. So...the church account had to be frozen and fixed. ouch. Lots of work. When I remembered that was in there, in that stolen purse, I was like, dang, I have to make a phone call. oops. I shouldn't have brought the purse with me to the theme park at all, but we left from the camper and Paul was packing things up and bringing them home, and I didn't want it to be left behind.

And...Jon's tablet got stolen. He had that thing for two years, it pretty much went where he went. And, my niece had money stolen from her shorts pocket in a bag in the back. So there was some real rumpling going on in our banged up minivan. It makes me feel somewhat violated, and somewhat angry, to tell the truth. That was NOT YOUR STUFF, thief! GIVE it back!

I have so much stuff in my wallet with my name on it, I hope the thief finds me on facebook and feels guilty and mails it all back. ha.

We are home from the camper now...laundry and unpacking, but not too bad. I made burgers on the grill this evening, and served them with sweet onions and tomatoes from the garden. I love summertime.

I am still reeling from the death of our dear friend Missy. We went to calling hours on Friday, then to the funeral and burial on Saturday. I cried buckets and still there are more tears. Paul stopped up at the cemetery today and it is still unbelievable and so very sad. My dear dear friend, Missy's mama, was so overcome with grief at the graveside, her husband had to help her up...she sobbed her goodbye, and said that Missy was her friend, her baby, and never any trouble.

She was a precious soul, and life won't be the same without her.

Paul is on vacation...the five girls are still in Norway, Mirielle and Kathryn and Evelyn will be home on Sunday.

Oh, listen to this!: Jon and Char and Cam and I are taking our big trip to Washington state next month (in 41 days, not that we're counting...), and...Ben and Ashley rented a cabin in a small town at the base of Mount Rainier! Hot tub, and wilderness, a beautiful view, and the town has a coffee shop that roasts it's own beans!!!! We are so excited. We are planning the first night or two in a hotel,visiting Seattle, then on to this little town, then a night at their house, then home...we can't wait to see little Anya...and did you know that at the base of Mount Rainier there is rainforest? It's true! And it's winter on the top!'s late and I am tired out...


Anonymous said...

I know what water park you are talking about as I live in upstate Ny also.
I cannot believe they broke your window to get into your Van, I always leave my purse in the trunk , I feel like its more likely to get stolen in the park.
They must prowl through the parking lot scoping out the vehicles. What a pain to deal with all that. So sorry about your sweet friend passing.
Donna, NY

16 blessings'mom said...

Hi Donna. Ha, no windows were broken on the van, they simply opened the door. Our doors don't lock with the push of a button anymore, so we have to go around and lock them all...and honestly, I gave up on it because it has tinted windows, and usually there is nothing of value in there...and, it's an older van, a bit banged up...not the kind that looks like a good target for some good stuff. We got to the park and everyone was all happy and we were deciding what to bring in and carry around, distributing granola bars and water bottles, ect...and didn't even think to lock up. It still stands to reason that no one had a right to help themselves to our stuff, but I guess I didn't make it too difficult for them. I learned a good lesson that I hated to learn: don't trust people. wah. Jon's tablet, Camille's Kindle...wah.
And thank you for thinking about Missy, I am still reeling. Her mama is my good friend, and my heart just aches for their whole family. Missy was a sunshine. She had a knack for laughing and diffusing a situation. How could you be upset that you spilled something when she thought it was hilarious? It is indeed sad.