summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, September 17, 2015

good morning!!!!

I walked this morning, yay me.

There were deer grazing, The farmer down the road has been busy cutting the corn...the field looks like Jonny after a buzz cut. I found another wild turkey feather, and put it in the freezer, as I read that it helps to kill the germs. The girls want them to write with...Cam has, "always wanted a feather quill!"

The girls are watching, "Curious George", and eating Cinnamon Life. They are allowed to watch something in the morning if they want, they are free until nine o'clock. And shh, I LOVE Curious George. He is adorable without being annoying.

Today, school is going to be just a few hours because...we are going to the beach! Yup, again! Mirielle has the day off, and wants to soak in some sun...she's a nurse, works 12 hour night shifts, and doesn't see the sun much when she works lots of days in a row. Mali is going to with little Lydia...(I am bringing a sun shade)

Yesterday afternoon, we packed suitcases! The three youngest kids are almost all packed up and ready to go. When 10 family members are all traveling at the same time, there can't be the usual suitcase swapping and borrowing. Shh, I found some really nice carry-ons at the thrift is a Samsonite, for $5! So now everyone has what they need...I think. They have to let me know because I won't be here the week before they leave for Israel, so if they need something, they are on their own.

This afternoon when we get home from the beach,we are going Walmarting, and maybe dollar-storing. They need travel-sized stuff, and protein bars, and motion-sickness meds. A few of them need more undies, one needs more socks...ten days in Israel, and no one wants to take time to wash things out on a trip like this.

We can't shop over the weekend because there is a church soccer tournament, plus a football game on Saturday...that brings us to Monday, and we are leaving on Tuesday I think we better go tonight. Besides, I will probably be buying last minute groceries for these guys on Monday night.

We have to leave for the airport at like 3:30 in the morning, Monday night/Tuesday...the kids say they aren't even going to go to bed. Um, yes, they are. They are also planning to be silly on the first flight, as they have never flown, and are rather anxious. Yesterday we googled turbulence, which was probably not smart, but they were asking...all I can say is that I already feel sorry for the businessmen/businesspeople who are taking that early morning flight to Washington D.C....we are flying from one Washington to the other, which is a very long flight...I hope they doze off a little.

Anyway, they are so excited, and counting the days to the trip now isn't such an exercise in math...

I don't watch, "The View", but what idiots. Why does that nurse have a doctor's stethoscope? Seriously? Save me the lame apologies. Being the mom of FOUR registered nurses, I have the greatest respect for the profession. 12 hour shifts, difficult patients, never having time to eat, sore feet, compression stockings, taking crap from the patients in all ways possible, dealing with the families...and then of course there is the serious kids never tell me patient specifics, as per HIPA, but sometimes they have to talk to someone about the young soldier who was bit by a rabid dog in that soldier's backpack sitting on the shelf as he fought for his life...and lost...reminded this young nurse of her brother who was fighting in the very same war...or the young father who was dying of cancer in his room all decorated in crayoned pictures from his kids...the ones who die too young, and who are so kind, who are so loved...the middle aged down-syndrome patient who passed away, leaving his younger brother so broken he collapsed in the doorway, sobbing. These things my kids deal in day out.

Anyhow....time to get moving....:)

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Marilyn said...

I also have a daughter who is a nurse in the ER in a huge hospital where we live and that comment on the View was so awful. , No apology is good enough. You are going to have so much fun with the kids on the plane....they must be almost jumping out of their skin with excitement! You certainly have LOTS to think about with the others going away too.......😉 What fun!!!

Marilyn from Canada