summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, September 3, 2015

just beachy...sometimes life's a beach...

Mirielle had the day off and wanted to go to the we went. Jonathan was at a waterpark with one of his friends, and Evelyn stayed home with it was only Mirielle and I, with Kathryn 17, Suzanne 14, Sonja 13, and Charlotte Claire and Camille.

The sand was warm, the water was warm, the breeze was warm...the water was also clear and clean, and we sat in the shallows and let the waves roll over us...we relaxed...and we reminisced about days gone by...back when we drove the 15 passenger van to the beach, packed full of children and toddlers and always a baby. Back in those days, I had to sneak in a swim here and a swim there, when baby was content in someone else's arms in the shade, or in the pram parked under a tree, and of course someone supervising the toddlers in the shallow water.

Mirielle and Kathryn and Miss Ginger, aka Sonja K., with silly Cam...

We sunned and ate snacks (I brought beef jerky and bunny carrots (REAL ones, not those baby ones:), pepperoni and pork rinds and turkey and ham, rolls, chips (not for me!), and lots of iced tea) I also brought fried chicken from the grocery store....

We talked and walked in the sand, and watched the little girls do gymnastics and dig holes. We swam and waded and talked some more.

Driving home with the windows down because the air conditioning doesn't work...we decided to stop at McDonalds, because I knew they would like it, and I also didn't feel like going home and making dinner...the beach makes me sleepy. I only had four chicken nuggets and an iced coffee, but they got to pick out two items each. Oh, the ice cream cones that two of them chose looked SO GOOD.

They played Wii Just Dance when we got home, and then Char threw up...too much junk and sun and car riding...I hope. I hope it doesn't go through the family.

Now most of them are in bed, and I am heading there soon myself.

Tomorrow is a big new little granddaughter might come for a visit, if her mama isn't too tired from getting up in the night with her....

Isn't she cute?

And, tomorrow afternoon Paul is coming in from Jacksonville, so I will be picking him up from the airport...then heading straight to the Dome for the first home football game of the season...fundraising!

Our weekend will be interesting...the older kids will all be at the youth conference, we will only have Jon, Char, and Cam....and it will be beautiful weather...all hot and sunny....I love summer.


Martha said...

Aren't granddaughters wonderful!?
PS. Sometimes it feels like I'll never get tot he beach again, ever.

Marilyn said...

Enjoy those hot days while they last. We got an abrupt end where I live and there was even snow in the mountains about a 4 hour drive from where I live :-( However, that usually means that late September and October and hopefully ovember too, will be beautiful :-) I am NOT ready for winter at all! Your granddaughter is so adorable. My only granddaughter is almost 21 and it just seems like yesterday she was a little new born. The time just flies, doesn't it?

Marilyn from Canada