summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, January 28, 2016

and to walmart we go....

I have issues with Walmart, but when it comes right down to it, sometimes you just have to go there. Kathryn is making bracelets with paracord, and guess where it is reasonably priced? And if you happen to need bananas and a bag of dogfood, and some underwear, where else would you go?

Walmart and their shady practices...they had their "Made In America" campaign in the 80's, and all the while were setting up factories in China. I saw a documentary where a sock manufacturer, who existed because of a huge Walmart contract, was told to move their facilities to China or they would find a different supplier. They did the same with electronics and other textiles. Because it was cheaper. Okay, fine, do whatever makes your business float, but the hypocrisy!

Here's another peeve, as long as I'm peeving: girls who have babies and...dump them. I don't know their issues, I don't know their mindsets, I don't want to judge...but every time I read about one, I seethe. And I cry. I say, "I would have taken that baby!"

When I read the news, I admit, I don't know what I would do to fix it all. The homeless...five of them were shot in Seattle, and this also made me cry. We saw so many of them on our last trip out there...tents set up near the waterfront, little camp sites in Pioneer Square. I don't know the answers for all these things, but it's still sad. Supposedly there are 3,000 homeless children enrolled in school in that city.

Heroin. Meth. Synthetic marijuana. In the big city, in the hospital where Emily and Mirielle work, the number of babies born with addictions is skyrocketing...and these are not just teenage moms, they are the soccer moms, the middle class women who should know better.

Drugs cause all sorts of crime, and when drug use goes up, so does crime, because they NEED their drugs.

There is no band aid big enough for all these things. Laws and rules and jail sentences and legislation cannot fix it all.

Moses brought those tablets down the mountain with the ten commandments. They weren't followed.

Jesus came, born in the flesh, battling sin and growing in wisdom and grace...until He overcame all sin. He said, "follow me". Can you imagine a world where everyone lived in purity? Just think of the multitude of problems that would be eradicated if each and every person waited until they were in a decent place financially and got married BEFORE having children? If spouses were faithful to each other, and people didn't lie and cheat. If companies REALLY cared about their employees, and each person worked if they were capable...if those who had plenty gave willingly to those who were sick, and to the elderly.

I could go on and on.

But I won't. Because we are going to Walmart. The kids aren't allowed computer or tablet time during the school day, and are reading their library books because I haven't given them any work. So mama needs to stop dreaming about how life is going to be on the new earth someday and be faithful today, in her own world. This afternoon there is a basketball game to work at, and tomorrow, the homeschooled kids and I are going out to breakfast with my brother...:)


Lisa said...

I just have to keep reminding us that God gave us all free will. Some days (I can't even look at the news most days) that is very little consolation. I don't have any answers. Even the programs and systems that are put in place to help some of these situations are corrupt and illogically run. I have come to the conclusion that it all boils down to compassion - and money. Someone told me one day that if you have a problem that money can fix, then it's not much of a problem. I understand their logic, but the lack of money seems to be a pretty big problem.

Marilyn said...

Yes...the world is a very scary place I have to say. I have often said if people were more like dogs what a better place it would be. Dogs greet each dog like fashion :-) and they just mostly figure it out! I will not shop at Walmart for the reasons you have given. Plus....they moved into smaller towns and put every little mom and pop business out of business. I support local whenever possible AND Canadian companies whenever possible. ......I am a senior in my 70's and my needs are small compared to people raising children. There were no big box stores where I live when I was raising my children. Now I see on the TV Walmart is closing umpteen stores leaving some of these smaller towns with no grocery store. Such a shame. I will get off my soap box now :-) :-)

Marilyn from Canada