summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, January 8, 2016

out of the woods!

The CT scan was clear. That elated me, yes it did, along with leaving me to wonder what is wrong with me. My plan now is to just see how it goes, and if it doesn't get worse, I'll be okay. I prayed ahead of time that if there was anything horrible, it would show up, and it didn't, so either there's nothing horrible, or it just isn't meant to be known, and I'm placing my bets on, "nothing horrible".

The phone call came right after the stove repairman left. He left us with bad news, but better bad stove news than bad CT scan news. It cost us $73.33 to hear that our stove was being, "condemned". Have you ever heard of an appliance being condemned? We can use the top burners, but not the oven. For all this time, it wasn't hooked up properly. The propane service checked the hook-up, so we really didn't think that was the issue. I can't even relate the whole experience with the stove man, but the short of it is it was dangerous for us to be using that stove like that. And now...we're shopping for a new one. And BTW, he "condemned" it, because that entitles us to a $50 off coupon in the appliance store he works for.

I shouldn't be sitting here at all, because Camille has to be at the orthopedic dr. in a little over than an hour, and Evelyn left her lunch on the is five miles in the opposite direction of the dr. office.

We wrote out a meal plan for next week, when I am traversing the country. Today, I have to get the food for it, plus whatever else Mare and I decided we need for our trip. I don't eat much fruit anymore, just a few berries every day in my kale/avocado smoothie, and an occasional slice of grapefruit, because of the fructose, and the elevating of blood sugar. I suggested we bring green peppers and carrots to snack on, along with the nuts we already have. Mare says apples and those little Halo oranges. Okay, won't kill me...and I am bringing a few green peppers, too. I also threw in an emergency bag of peanut M&M's, although in an extreme emergency, there is dog food in the back of Aaron's car, which we are driving.

So many details to work out! We are flying home, so we can't just bring snow boots and coats and mittens, unless we want to wear it all back. It is recommended to bring a shovel, driving in winter weather through the mountains (Donner Pass), and of course Mirielle thinks if we have a shovel we won't need it, and if we don't bring one, we will regret it. It means leaving the shovel with Aaron, who lives in an apartment in the city, and will need a shovel like he needs a hole in the head.'s not boring. I really really have to leave now....


Marilyn said...

Such good news about your scan🤗🤗🤗 You may need boots on your never know what you will encounter on a road trip. I hope little Camille's ankle is healing well. What a bummer about the stove! Oh my..............that is awful. Have a safe trip you two ☺️☺️

Marilyn from Canada

Anonymous said...

So glad no bad news! Have a fun, safe trip!

Lisa said...

Yeah on the clear CT scan!!!!

Boo on the stove issue, but it's always something I guess - better that than health problems. We had a furnace that was "red tagged" in a rental house we lived in for a few months. 20 degrees in MI and we weren't allowed to use the furnace because it was so dangerous. The kicker was that we had just had it inspected (at our expense) because I needed it to be done for the daycare I was running in the home, and it passed just fine.

Can't wait to hear about your adventure - so fun!!!

Pamela Wade said...

So glad to hear! Have fun on your big excursion! ~~Pam

Susan R said...

Fabulous news Della!
I am looking forward to hearing all about your adventure to California.
Laughing about that condemned oven!
Your blog is never, ever boring.