summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, January 25, 2016

on a beautiful moonlit night....

This is near Emily's house..., I took the kids to the library. My four homeschoolers, plus two cousins, who also homeschool, Olivia, and Danielle. We got out stacks of books, paid the inevitable overdue fine, and headed to Target...the kids have gift cards:) The three little girls (Char, Cam, and Dani) tried on boots...for a very long time. They looked at toys and clothes. They decided to buy one piece gymnastic leotards, and a few plastic snow sleds. I found a pair of MukLuk boots, an online return. They aren't sold in stores, just online, and there they sat, in my size, marked down...I couldn't resist. They were too expensive ($38!), but my old boots are getting worn, and it's SO hard to find things that fit my feet comfortably, and my old boots aren't sold at BJ's anymore. These boots are still $54.99 online, so it was sort of a good deal...I tried to put them back several times, but oh I like them! So, I bought myself a new pair of boots.

I also splurged on new lamp shades.

Sweat pants and slippers for Jonathan, slippers for three teenage girls, some marked down packages of gum, and a really pretty long black sweater...I couldn't decide who to give it to, so I gave it to Suzanne and told her to share it. Ha, that's not a very nice thing to do to a 14 year old girl who has four teenage sisters...but Margaret's in Norway, so she doesn't count.

Kathryn drove today:)

Then to the grocery store, really quickly, I told them.

Kathryn with cousin Liv, Jonathan, then Camille, Char, and cousin Dani...

Home...ah, home. Not for long though, time to bring a few kids to soccer practice! It's far enough away that it's silly to drive back home then go back to pick them up, so I picked Kim up (my sister-in-law, Olivia and Dani's mom), and we went to a small town and visited their pizza shop...just a few chicken wings, and we split a slice of cheese pizza...then decided to bring home pizzas to our kids...then heck, wings too! I walked in the door at 7:15 with a sheet pizza and 40 wings. Eight kids: thrilled. It was an unexpected Monday night party. Leftovers were happily distributed for tomorrow's lunches at school.

After cleaning up the mess and putting away the leftovers, I sat down and put my feet up...then Sonja called, she needed a ride home from an activity planning meeting. Okay. dang. I really don't mind driving once I get out to the van and am on the road. It's the getting out of the comfy chair and heading into the cold dark night that's hard to get my head wrapped around. Tonight though, the full or almost full moon shone on the snow, and it was breathtakingly beautiful. And once I picked up Sonja, we had a nice little ride, a chance to talk.

Home again...ahh. Now the house is quiet and I need to head to bed too. Paul is in France, he made it there safe and sound. I do have library books, ha.

Tomorrow I have big plans for school here. So I won't be blogging in the morning. I am going to stay off the computer until later in the day when we're all done.

Suri is Miss Cuddlebuckets herself.

And now I gather my library books and head to hog up that whole bed to myself...don't get me wrong, I miss Paul...but shh, I do love to hog the bed.

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S. Mifsud said...

Great reading about your busy day! Excellent boots purchase!!
Jon looks soo grown up all of a sudden, wow!