summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, November 3, 2014

and it's monday again....

Camille has a new baby! She wanted a doll car seat with a hood/canopy, so I made it for her. Then I found this sweet soft-bodied dolly, and couldn't resist it. She had a nice birthday party yesterday.

She turns seven next Friday, but this good Mama is going to Washington D.C. to see Sam, so we celebrated yesterday. Seven years old, my baby. How can that be?!

I made her cake and cupcakes, and only had a taste. I love chocolate cake with homemade buttercream frosting. oh dear.

This morning I decided to take the kids to the pool after we did our morning work. On the way there, Cam said, "I love homeschooling because we can go pee whenever we want to!" It's the little things...

We swam for 50 minutes. Miss Char was cold and wanted to get out and go home. Jonathan was playing volleyball with her, and didn't want to leave yet. Camille was in her own little world, playing tea party with a toy plastic boat, then watching it underwater with goggles on. They can jump into the deep end, 13 ft., with no floaties or life preservers any more. They just swim and swim.

Home for lunch, and some afternoon work. Cam is the quickest worker, she is done, the other two are being silly and not getting much done. They do work much better in the morning.

I think we might go to the library this afternoon.

I love homeschooling too.

So at the football game on Saturday, an interesting thing happened to me. I was encouraging someone else to be happy and enjoy the day even though there are much better places to be sometimes than fundraising at the Dome. Life is short, I said. Be happy, I said. Then when it was time for a break, I walked with Kathryn to find a place to sit. The game hadn't started, there were very few people in the stands. We usually go up really far where no one sits...but when we attempted to find a seat (there were literally thousands of empty seats)....the usher said we couldn't sit. At all. No where. Old rule being newly enforced, she said. Fine. We walked farther and climbed stairs, and were told yet again, nope. You can't sit anywhere at all, any time at all. Ever. okay. So we get a break and can eat some food, but we have to stand there when there are all the empty seats. Seriously? It is a cement floor, and the old knees get creaky and achy, and we work for seven and eight hour shifts. I found myself almost about to cry with the second attempt to sit, and then I started to get upset. Not anyone, just at the silliness of the RULES. And pretty soon, I didn't want to be there at all. I threw away my food, went back to the stand, and back to work, with a less than happy attitude. Then it hit me: I have to practice what I preach! There I was, encouraging someone else to be happy and make the most of it, and there I was, all miffed and ticked.

God is good. He knows just what we need.

It was a good day. I still don't like it that we can't sit down, but it doesn't mean I have to be miserable.

Oh the silliness here! I hate when we get to the point when they start fooling around and don't want to get their stuff done.

Ah well. Daylight savings time has started, it is starting to get dark already. I feel bad for Paul, he goes to work in the dark and comes home in the dark.

And, I need to help some kids with some stuff...

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