summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, November 24, 2014

cookies and fudge!

My life seems to revolve around food sometimes, and this time of year it is especially bad. Today, for example...I helped in the kitchen at church....we had a turkey dinner. I made the gravy and sliced the turkey and tossed the cubed sweet potatoes in olive oil,salt and pepper, and roasted them. Emily did the shopping and planning, I just helped out. She made the stuffing and engineered the mashed red potatoes, but Sonja and Irene did the manual labor. After all, mashed 'tatoes for 90 people is hard work. There were rolls (no, I didn't.) I had a heaping plate of green beans with almonds, lots of the sweet potatoes, and turkey.

Dessert: Evelyn made dessert shooters, which is basically when you layer stuff in clear plastic cups:) She made crust with crushed pretzels, melted butter, and brown sugar...then layered it with chocolate pudding and whipped cream. I had only a spoonful, and yum. I did however had a piece of pumpkin pie, but left the crust on the plate, yup, I wasted food, shh.

Anyway, I came home this afternoon and made a triple batch of chocolate chip cookies. Between taking them out of the oven and putting more in, I cut up the five pound pan of fudge I made yesterday. I packed up a nice box of goodies for Samuel, as he has to stay there on the Army base for Thanksgiving. I will send out the box in the morning, and hope he gets it in time....

And I was able to taste only a tiny bit of dough, yay me, but then the cookies...oh they came out so yum. I had a piece of one and another and another, probably like three cookies all together, dang it. I do make good cookies though.

Aaron came over for a visit this evening, and had a few....I can't explain fully how glad I am when I have something yummy like freshly baked cookies when one of the kids drops by.

Paul is home. He is so exhausted, jet-lagged. He will be feeling like himself by probably Wednesday or Thursday, and is leaving again....on Saturday, I think. I will be leaving the following Saturday, so he will get home before I get home....

My head is spinning with thoughts, Christmas gifts and traveling details and Thanksgiving ingredients, plus things like vehicles that need inspections and kittens that need to go to the vet and a certain dog who needs his nails trimmed...exercise I need to do, and walks I need to take, cupboards I need to organize. Fabric I have to buy so that gifts I can make, and decorations I have to get out, so the house I can make cozy. Cleaning I have to do, and a new garbage can I have to shop for, and dentist appointments I have to take kids to. Two girls need talking to because of the way they talked to one of their sisters, and school work needs to be seen to, and and and and and....oh, and Sam wants me to send him a hard drive from an x-box 360. I can't forget that. Bills and appointments and projects swirl around me like a dark cloud....

Procrastinators suffer. The non-procrastinators...we shall call them heretofor: smug people. The smug people ask why we put things off. Why not just Do It. Why not? Now, if I knew the answer to that, I would also be a smug people, not a procrastinator! jeepers.

I think it's because when you put things off because you just don't want to deal with it, because you hate making phone calls or you just plain have a little more time before something HAS to be done....and when you finally do it, you feel like you have really accomplished something! A little party, please! I finally made that appointment!

Not that anyone really likes being a procrastinator. No sir, it is just how some of us are. And tomorrow is as good a day as any.

Rambling is what I do shows how tired I am. The whole family is all snuggled into their beds, I am up with kitty kitten. She is finished attacking my feet, and is looking up at me...purring. I think she is looking for a nice spot to take a kitty nap.

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momto9 said...

I can honestly say its cause there dis only so much time in a day and I'm human and need downtime too…so maybe doing the next annoying thing on my to do list is not always priority when I finally get to sit down!!!

Your home sounds cozy to me!