summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, February 27, 2015


And Paul is coming home tonight! I am leaving for the airport soon to pick him up. It is clear and cold, which is fine for this girl who is sick and tired of driving in snow. It looks just fine, but driving in it is nervewracking. Especially driving down the N.Y. Thruway, with all the invincible tractor trailers.

The kids went out to play today, they were out there for quite a while. The Duplos are still out, they keep playing with those too. They did some school work this afternoon, and now are allowed to play some video games if they want.

We had a ten-minute-tidy, which was a lot longer for Mommy. I vacuumed the stairs and foyer, and the furniture, and the edges of the kitchen and living room. I had to operate on the vacuum cleaner, and discovered a popsicle stick stuck in the hose, with all sorts of goodies backed up behind it. I vacuumed under the refrigerator, and had Camille take the plastic grill into the bathtub and clean it up. I washed up the top of the stove, and the tiles behind it, and did some dishes. Suzanne took the glass globes off from one of the kitchen light fixtures and washed them, put them back up. Kathryn took out lots of garbage, and I mopped the floor. I straightened up my room, and made some dinner. The kids had chicken patties, yuck, but they LOVE them. I had a bowl of green beans with sliced tomatoes and some turkey, lots of pepper. It was good, but I find myself thinking of the cookie dough in the 'fridge, but NO. I will not.

I was up and out the door early this morning...I had to pick up my brother Bob at 7:30 for a dr. appointment. Emily let me use her car while she is in France and Norway, which is sweet, because it is an all-wheel drive Suzuki, and I love driving it. The heat in it actually works, too, which is a bonus. I waited in the waiting room for a while, just zoned out and relaxed, then we went to his next appointment. I flipped through a few magazines, looking to see what new strollers are out...I would like to get Mali something really light and easy...

The kids are not actually playing video games. They have an adding machine that I bought at the thrift store a while ago, and since then have gotten them some paper for it. They are playing store. Jon asked me how much a can of coffee costs. They are so funny, they have the shopping carts out, and lots of plastic bags. I love that they are still little enough to play.

Anyway, off I go...time to leave to get Paul...yay!!!! It's the good part of him travelling so much...:)

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