summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

it's a beautiful day for a picnic!!!!

My schedule was clear today! I would have been fine staying home, puttering around, setting things aside for our vacation which is rapidly approaching. But the natives were a little restless, Kathryn wanted to do "something fun", so we swept floors, washed dishes, and did some laundry before heading out the door...Kathryn, Jonathan, Charlotte Claire, Camille, Davian, and yours truly.

We stopped in to see Grandma first, and I was proud of the kids, they know how to sit nicely and not interrupt while the older ones visit, even though they were anxious to get to the playground.

I let them choose lunch: some pizzas, McDonalds, or Chinese takeout...of course they wanted Chinese. While we waited the fifteen minutes for the food to be prepared, we went into the drug store and I let them pick out milk,chocolate milk, lemonade...bottled water, for me.

We parked downtown, and put the money in the meter, and trekked down the sidewalk to the restaurant. For little kids, this is all an adventure...crossing a city street isn't something they do everyday.

Then, as we got to the van, the rain absolutely poured. Well kids, guess what? We're going home to have a picnic! They got all excited about that, because they're smart kids. They realize going to the playground in the pouring rain isn't going to happen. When we got home, Davian said, "We could have gone down the slides in the rain and had water slides!"

Anyway...they ate their yummy food at the coffee table, and are playing dollhouse...the kind where the whole living room is a be-careful-where-you-step zone.

So our day was fun.

Tonight, there is an awards ceremony at the high school, and we are going because Evelyn is getting an award. The older kids are doing a landscaping fundraiser.

I'm glad God watered the garden for us today, and who doesn't love an afternoon of trees swaying in the cloudy breeze, with darkening skies and downpours? Jonathan is so nicely bringing his mama a cup of coffee, even though he is busy taking a test.

As I sit here typing, I see my hands on the keyboard...they're old lady hands. The veins are popping out like my mother's did. They are wrinkled. When you're fifty, you realize that you would be one lucky son-of-a-gun if your life is half over, it's is more than likely two thirds finished, but who knows. Could be more, could be less, but in any case, you're getting old. In twenty years, Miss Anya, my sweet granddaugher from out in Washington state...will be 22, and I'll be seventy. Seventy used to seem so old! Now it seems...ah, not too terribly old, not as old as EIGHTY. If I live to be eighty, my oldest daughter, Emily, will be 61. She had better take good care of herself, because she promised not to ever put me in a nursing home. That's why I want to lose weight, ha, so I can stay healthy and get old and not be too heavy for Em to lift.

It seems like I spent years trying to prove I wasn't too young to know what I'm talking about, being the sixth child of seven in my family...the older ones teased me, and talked to me with patient dismissal of my wisdom in any given area. Then I got old enough to be disrespected all over again by my kids, who say, "Yeah Mom, back when there were dinosaurs...when cell phones were as big as your face...when people used PAY PHONES, ha. They think school was easier back then. They think kids weren't cool at all, but we were. We were cool.

Anyway...I am getting old, but I am thankful for these kids who still keep me young. They are playing, taking over the whole living room, talking about the differences in boys' voices and girls' voices, then breaking out in another song.

Camille loves to sit with me.

Yesterday, it was a beautiful sunny breezy day, and I sneaked to the grocery store all by my lonesome. Kathryn agreed to keep an eye on the kids. Cam likes to go with me, but with her broken ankle, I thought she should stay home and lie a little bit low. I started out with a quick run into the thrift store...I found a rare Gotz baby doll, signed, for $3.99. A Radly of London leather purse for $4.99. A nice new purse for me for ten bucks, which is expensive, but it's a brand new purse. I checked online, and the Radley purse is something that would sell nicely on ebay, but Miss Evelyn fell in love with it, so she has a new purse. Two of the other girls were indignant, they need purses, too! I had no idea they would like it so much, girls are a puzzle sometimes. The doll is cute and sweet, but I am hoping to sell her.

The dollar store was next: bags of Reeses' Peanutbutter Eggs...for a dollar, of course. We don't mind that Easter's over. They're still good. I bought some swim floaties for the camp, some little paper plates for camp, and some snacks to put away for the camp.

The grocery store was fun all by myself. I used some coupons, even.

When I got home and put it all away, I had a little bit of time to relax before going with Paul to pick up his took a few hours because the dealership was a ways away. It's a nice truck, a Nissan 4x4, with a back seat.

Corn on the cob for dinner, with leftover beef and chicken.

Sam called yesterday, he's coming home next week!!! Oh how happy I am that Cabin-In-The-Woods is coming up!!!!

It means lots of packing, but yay!!!!

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