summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

when the kids get older, it'll get easier....


Okay, it has gotten easier in many ways, the whole diaper thing has faded from recent memory...and of course no getting up in the night with newborns or using bibs, bottles, sippy cups...except for when I babysit and have my granddaughter over.

And car you know how many car seats we used to have in that 15 passenger van? Neither do I, I don't remember, but it was at least four...maybe five.

We can leave a drink on the coffee table and the only one who will get into it is the dog, with her waggy tail.

Easier, yes,...but would you believe my days are still filled up?

I have been driving Paul back and forth to work, which was about two hours a day in total, but now the minivans are both inspected and running, so tomorrow it will feel like I have a few extra hours! This afternoon, Suzanne went to a friend's house to work on a school project, the red van had to be picked up from the shop, I had to pick Paul up from work, and we were going to look at a vehicle for sale, as he would like to replace his smashed up truck.

Mali had asked if Wednesday was a good day to visit, and yes, it was! I packed up the three youngest kids, and Davian, and went to the dollar store and BJ's quick this morning, for important things like chocolate and popsicles, and of course meat and veggies.

Our visit was short because I had driving to do...then home again to make dinner.

The kids all went to activity club except for Evelyn and I, so we took a quick swim after dinner. The pool is warm, but not completely clean yet, there are still leaves that need to be vacuumed and skimmed out.

Now it is quiet...Evelyn went to her room to read, Paul is around here someplace, probably watering the garden...and I am sitting here all comfy. So yes, it has gotten easier.

And I appreciate the down time. I have been up since 6 a.m.. I am ready for bed.

I am old now, compared to when I had those little babies to take care of, and I wonder already how my younger self managed.

Oh yeah, I am babysitting for Lydia tomorrow...even with her, I wonder how I kept up. It's busy. Babies are busy. She's crawling, and pulling herself much for that drink on the coffee table!

But anyway, here's my point: life hasn't really gotten easier...the kids grow up, mom and dad get need to go here and there and everywhere, and still need to be's the thing: they are worth it.

My three school girls (Evelyn 16, Suzanne 15, and Sonja K. 14) get off the bus, chattering and snacking and making a pot of coffee, and it's so nice to be here with them! I got to swim with Jonny today, Jonny who takes the responsibility of taking care of the pool very seriously. Jonny who rides his new birthday bike all around the yard, and carefully puts it away when he's done. Jonny...he's my friend:)

And the princesses...Char is learning to do an aerial. Cam is dragging, because of her ankle, and the high black boot she has to the heat. She gets tired out, but she clomps along anyway. I let her ride in the cart in BJ's today, she liked that.

They were happy because of the free they had peanutbutter filled pretzels, miniature slices of pizza, and cute little cups of grape juice.

They like going through the self-scan aisles.

They are delightful. They sing in the van. They like to lie on the blanket in the yard, in the shade of the pear and maple trees, and talk about important things, like that two anacondas are as long as our house.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows though. The freshly mowed grass gets tracked through the house. The dishes, oh the neverendingdishes. Char wants a summer haircut but she doesn't trust me to do it since the horrible incident with Camille's hair, and thank you Char, now I don't trust me either. The dogs have fleas...the end of the year reports have to be of the older girls is being difficult...

And now they are all home, seven of them coming up the deck steps and in the door....

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Cheryl Stryker said...

And then perhaps there will be more weddings, grandchildren and of course aches and pains.. but you will never be truly lonely! Or lazy!! It may get quiet, but it won't last long!! There will always be lots of activity!!!!