summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, June 6, 2016

trying to unlazy myself...

Paul is a difficult guy to be married to, because he's so good at everything. He manages to fit in exercise, no excuses. He has extensive arthritis in his shoulders, but still works out around it. He cuts back on sugar, and is as slim as the day we met, yet he can afford to stuff a few chips in his mouth when he walks in from work and dinner isn't ready yet. He doesn't forget responsibilities nearly as much as his scatterbrained wife, and he's just more active. Sitting is "so bad for you", he says, as he does this and that and makes me feel so lazy. Never intentionally. He's too nice for that. But you know how it is to be with someone who is just by nature, an achiever...

I know I was lazy yesterday. I was. Who wouldn't be? Saturday was a busy day. And I had a good book to finish...and another good one to start. "Lazy" lazy as I could get away with in between doing stuff. You know, not exactly shutting myself in my room, but picking up the book when I had a chance...

The kids had three friends over, and Emily came for dinner, so it was a nice day, even with the clouds and intermittent rain. The kids don't care about rain, they still went in the pool. They still made sno cones.

Emily and I are planning another event, for this Saturday. We are planning lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner for 60 people, and will go shop for the food on Thursday. I love doing these things!

Today, we need groceries. The refrigerator is looking very sad indeed. The empty produce drawers glare at me, and when we get down to the last of the milk and half/half, it gets scary. Black coffee? eeks.

We are totally spoiled. We have food in the freezer, in the pantry. We could live on it for a while. But the girls pack their school lunches, and like to grab bananas and fruit and yogurts. Even when I fill the 'fridge with groceries, they'll open it and stare..."There's nothing to eat."

The girls had their cousin Dani spend the night, they were awake in their room until midnight, then are in there whispering and giggling already. That's the thing I don't like about sleepovers, they'll be tired and grumpy today.

But they sure have fun. They had the karaoke machine going....they have ten times the energy I have.

Ah well. It's too beautiful a day to go to the store, maybe I'll have Kathryn watch the kids and I'll sneak out by myself and get in done quickly....


Susan R said...

Well, I have to say that lazy is the last word I would use to describe you Della! From my view you seem to live each day to the fullest with joy and total zest. I think you realize that your children will not remember if your house was immaculate but will remember all the spontaneous life that you provide for them.

Anonymous said...

I could so relate to this post on so many levels. My husband is like yours you can eat potato chips and never gain a pound and I have my lazy days. And the sleepovers I love and the kids have them but don't enjoy the grumpiness the next day. Thanks for sharing!! Blessings from orando..Datla