summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, February 3, 2017

half empty, or half full?

On the one hand, all the tests I have had this week area a huge waste of money. But, hey, I passed them all, that I know of anyway.

The breast cancer care center wants me to have lots more tests, because of my risk factors. I am mulling this over. I don't want to keep spending time and money on something that "might" happen. I do think I will have genetic testing done though, because I owe that to my daughters. But that's it. And I'll behave myself and keep current with the check-ups, but I am not going there every six months like the nice doctor suggested.

Today I had this test done that took my blood pressure in arms, thighs, calves, ankles, and...big toes! The thigh ones actually hurt, the cuff tightened until there was no pulse at all, then relaxed. The tech/nurse said mine went quickly, which is an indication that my arteries are nice and soft, as opposed to being riddled with PAD. (I lay there pondering this, and decided it meant Peripheral Artery Disease).

That test went okay, I haven't heard the results from the dr. yet.

The next thing was the stress test. I had to have those pesky pads put on. I had to wear a hospital gown, which isn't my look. It was a guy tech/nurse who did this part of the prep, blah. I wore my best bra that doesn't have an underwire, but what looks fine at home, looks so dingy in the bright florescent lights. Anyway. I had an echogram done first, then I ran on the treadmill. The cardiologist was in there, along with two nurse/tech ladies. My blood pressure went up incrementally as the speed and incline increased, but it didn't even reach the baseline they expected, and my heart readout was beautiful. They were talking about food for their Superbowl parties (can you believe they are talking about chicken wings and dips in a cardiologist's office?)

Anyway, it was embarrassing to run in front of these fit people, but when I was finished, barely out of breath, the dr. declared I passed with flying colors, and that I am in good shape, and that I shouldn't be afraid to exercise. He said, "I guess you were right, it WAS a reaction to that antibiotic."

Hundreds and hundreds of dollars later, and I was right.

Oh well.

I haven't heard the results of the halter monitor yet, but I am assuming that was fine too.

And yes, I am glad. I am. It's nice to get clean check-ups.

There was the nicest couple in the waiting room today. They loved each other. He was frail, and had done a stress test, and was hungry after. The nurse gave him a cup of water, and a breakfast bar. She opened it for him, and he held it out to me and asked if I wanted any of it. It was so polite and sweet, but of course I declined. His wife offered to get me a magazine. I was sitting there in my hospital gown, so she probably assumed I had something wrong with me, and there she was, all of like 80 years old...

Anyway. I got out of there, and yay! I could go get coffee, because I wasn't allowed to have any before the stress test. It was almost noon, and I had been functioning for six hours with no caffeine.

But first, Walmart for a few pizza doughs, some green and red peppers, lettuces, and cucumbers. That's seriously all I bought.

Then to B.J.'s, which I have been avoiding because my membership expired. I do the $100 one, with 2% back, because I spend enough there to get lots of rewards. I bought burger and chicken, hot sauce and barbecue sauce, coffee and croutons, and the huge bag of chocolate chips.

And I filled the van with gas...then finally, coffee.

I stopped at an independent roaster coffee place, their coffee is so good. I splurged and asked for just a little bit of pumpkin swirl...I don't like the sugar, but I deserved it, ha. It was so creamy and yummy.

Home...ah, home. Emily had the day off and so nicely brought Jonathan, Charlotte Claire, and Camille ice skating, then to Panda Express for lunch. She's a nice big sister!

So I had the house almost to myself, as Joseph was here but was in his room painting and stuff. The puppies were glad to see me.

Then the kids came tumbling in the door with stories and Panda food, the three girls came home on the bus, I put some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in the oven, and my quiet time was over...and my headache was picking up speed. I had ignored it for too long, the ibuprofen weren't helping, I finally had to cry Uncle and go to bed for a bit. I lay there under the covers, as still as could be, while it pounded away...then eventually receded. phew.

Time to make dinner...taco salad tonight. I chopped veggies and sauteed the meat, Jonathan and Sonja helping me get out cheese and sour cream and plates and sauces. is good. There are sad things in this world though. I don't like reading the news sometimes. The prison standoff in Delaware broke my heart, because there was a female counselor who was taken hostage, and it's believed that some of the prisoners protected her. One of the prison guards was murdered. I cried. I also cried last night because one my teenage daughters was researching for a school paper, and she decided to do it on abortion. She read about late term and partial birth abortion, and broke down crying when she told me how it's done. Later, she tried to sleep, and couldn't, and came in to the living room hysterical. She said she didn't want to go to sleep because she would have nightmares. I told her that it's absolutely correct, right, and understandable for her to be so upset, because it's horrid. It is gross, and it's sad. I also told her that she should probably do her paper on something else.

Tomorrow morning, no sleeping in for me! We have to be at the basketball stadium by 8:00 a.m.


Rose Sperlonga said...

You are always so busy!! Not sure how you get it all in and time to blog! LOL Cookies , dinner and time to rest in between to heal a headache ! Wow!
You should record your life some time and post it. Sounds silly but I can't imagine you ever have quiet ... must be fun!

have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

So happy you are healthy! When you say you get pizza dough at Walmart is it frozen or from the deli or what do you get?

Marilyn Reid said...

Good morning 🌞That is great news you got on your tests. Now you can breathe easier for sure. At least in Canada we don't have to pay for all those tests........the down side to this is sometimes have to wait awhile 😬 If it urgent we don't wait.......or we can pay and have it done right away. I'm glad your headache didn't last.............We have found a coffee shop here that makes the absolute best latte's we have ever had.......EVER! (And we have been to Italy) It's pressed through this machine somehow.....oh it is soooooooo creamy and delicious. You'd love it! Have a good day Della!

Marilyn from Canada in Arizona for a while πŸ˜‚

16 blessings'mom said...

Pizza dough from Walmart supercenter is either frozen or defrosted, you can order it ahead of time and get a whole case of it, 98 cents each! It's good, too. I usually make my keto recipe so my blood sugar doesn't soar, I also get stomach pain from eating so much I make the following:
3/4 cup almond flour
1 3/4 cup mozzarella cheese, shredded
a small hunk or two tablespoons of cream cheese
microwave it all for thirty seconds, stir, then another 30 seconds.
Roll out between two sheets of parchment paper.
Place on cookie sheet (or pizza pan, I make mine bigger and thinner)
Remove top paper, bake for ten minutes
Remove from oven, replace top paper, flip over, remove top paper, and either brown for a few minutes, or put toppings on right away (I like bacon, peppers and onions)
Bake for ten more minutes.

I used to add an egg to this recipe, but I forgot it last night, and the crust was better than ever.

Marilyn, mmm to the lattes! I love those local coffee shops! Enjoy that warm weather!!!