summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2017

when the 12th child turns sixteen....

Miss Suzanne Eleanor, being an auntie to little Lydia Eleanor.

I had a few plans today, for Suzanne's birthday. I got up early, thank you Duke, and made cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes. The teenagers started waking up, and we threw around some birthday ideas, then Suze got a text from Erica, with an offer of going on a hike. I told Suzanne to please, accept, go have fun. Erica is amazing, she does so many nice things for the girls. Sonja K. and cousin Grace were going along too.

Suzanne said she didn't want anything for her birthday. She certainly doesn't want a party. She's funny like that. I got her a few little things anyway, but nothing big. I offered her a new pair of jeans or a nice hoodie or something we normally wouldn't just go and buy, but she insists she's all set. She is such a good girl. Seriously.

So Evelyn and I went to the library with little girls...

(they are obsessed with housing design...Char wants to be an architect)

...then to grocery store for hamburger buns and pickles, we are grilling burgers tonight! We also fit in a quick trip to the thrift store, where Cam found a pair of Adidas pants for $2, and I found a few things to chalk paint.

The dollar store too, for a few things to put away for Easter, and some granola bars.

Home...ah, home. The kids are playing outside with cousin William in the 67 degree weather. It's almost a record-breaking warmth today. The windows are open, and it's lovely. The dogs are going to need another bath today.

I have to frost the cupcakes.

Tomorrow, we are going to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get Suzanne a driving permit. My 12th driver. You would think I would be all chillaxed by now, but nah, I still press that imaginary brake. I like to let them get their permits as soon as they turn 16, so they have longer to learn to drive, more practice before they actually get their licenses.

The struggle is real, I am not eating any sugar these days. I did some wimpy exercises three mornings in a row. I am planning to fit in a walk this afternoon, too. It's the story of my life. Burgers with no buns, no cupcakes, no swirly flavors in's my lot in life. As soon as I ease up and eat a few fries, the pounds pile back on.

Anyway. There is much to be thankful for. The refrigerator works again! The minivan is fixed! We have stacks of library books! :)


Marilyn Reid said...

Happy Birthday to Suzanne! I hope she has a fun day. I'm like you Della......I only have to look at something I shouldn't eat and I put on a pound. I've been a bit naughty since we got to Arizona and I can feel that I have popped on some weight 😱😱 so today back to the grind. It's so discouraging, isn't it? Oh is another day! So nice you are having such nice weather and the kids can play outside. It was only 6C here this morning. We are having much cooler than normal here in the desert. Flagstaff has had a ton of snow and up north of here too and the wind is blowing the cold air down here!! All of Arizona is much cooler than normal. California too. You have a great day!!

Marilyn from Canada. 🌵🦎🌵🦎

Rose Sperlonga said...

happy birthday to your daughter! She is beautiful!