summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, February 6, 2017

when it rains, it pours...(and update!)

And okay, it's not exactly pouring...but. Our new refrigerator is not working. The freezer is great, the refrigerator part is not cooling. I just bought this lovely Samsung in October. But guess what? I cannot find the paperwork. I have absolutely no recollection of where I put it. Now, I remember back then, the stressful day of getting it delivered in a rainy downpour of a day, then leaving for the weekend, to Virginia in the mountains, to be with Samuel and lots of the kids. It was acting up, but only because it was stuck in Demo mode. We got it figured out, and it's been dreamy...until now, when it's not dreamy. It's nightmare-y. Because I have to call Lowe's and explain that I paid cash for this unit, and do not have a receipt,'s a floor model. I don't know if I have any ground to stand on, and I feel absolutely sick. I am trying to remind myself that it's just another trial, even if we have to pay for repairs out of pocket, it's not the end of the world. was a thousand dollars for this, and what was I thinking? Paul was in India, so I had to do it myself. We had the cash because we had just sold the big van. Why didn't I ask about the warranty? Why didn't I take better care of the paperwork? My stomach hurts, and I am not kidding. I am trying not to stress, but seriously?

So now I am going to get out of my comfy chair and search for that paperwork, a second time, and then make that phone call to Lowe's. Here's my plan:

To make sure that I remember to conduct myself as if Jesus were listening in on the call, ha, because he certainly will be!

To make sure that no matter what, I remember that God causes all things to work together for our good.

I do blame myself in this one, because I am so scatterbrained sometimes, but sometimes I feel like I am juggling one ball too many.

But. The gospel still applies, scatterbrained or not. I cannot change the past.

First world probs.

But in any case, pray for me today. Of course I would love it if they would just tell me how to push some buttons, and it would work, and all of our costly food would come back from the brink of spoilage. Or that they'll send a new refrigerator out immediately, and cover the cost of all the wasted veggies. ha.

Instead I think they are going to say they are sorry, but if the customer is so stupid to pay cash, lose the receipt, AND buy a floor model, oh well.


I called Lowe's, and they have no record of our purchase. Apparently floor models or scratch&dent items are exempt from any store warranties. The woman I spoke to assured me that I was offered extended warranties upon purchase, which I most certainly was not. I was foolish to take it for granted that a warranty would apply, and the saleslady the day of my purchase agreed that it was a great deal for such a great refrigerator, and I didn't even think to ask about warranties.

Anyway, store wouldn't/couldn't help. So I called Samsung, and spoke to a very kind Indian gentlemen, who walked me through lots of control panel possibilities, then came to agree with me that it's not cooling properly. He is sending a service order to a local place, and even offered replacement value for items that spoil...which is happening, because service tech hasn't even called yet. (this guy was SO polite!)

It was good to remember to be nice though, as I spoke with the lady from Lowe's. She was just doing her job.

Bottom line though: don't buy a floor model or scratch and dent from Lowe's.


Marilyn Reid said...

Oh Della.....that is awful!!! Hopefully it's just a little sensor or something easy. I hope so. If there's something I have learned in my life it is to put any major purchase an a major credit card. Here in Canada........I don't know about other places........we almost always get extra warranty on the purchase. I hope the nice people at Lowe's are understanding. When you spend that kind of money on an appliance you expect it will run for longer that a few months!!! They sure don't make things like they used to, that's for sure. My sister in law had an ancient fridge out at their lake cottage for pop and beer AND it was OUTSIDE and it was still going when they sold their place. Amazing. Through our cold winters and all. I hope you can find the paperwork. My hubby always staples the bill to the instruction booklet and he has a special drawer in a cabinet. I would be like you and forget where I put it. Have a great day though 🤗🤗

Marilyn from Canada

Véronique said...

Since they delivered the refrigerator at your home, they must have a record of your purchase in their computer.
I'm pretty sure, if you go and tell them your circumstances and do it in the friendliest way, they might be willing to check in the computer and give you a copy of everything. They probably want their customers to be happy and come again..
Don't blame yourself, and pay them a visit and you might see God at work ;)
Have a nice day,

Anonymous said...

That last comment makes a great point! Delivery is the key and you know the date. How awful, these things are so trying!! Good on Samsung man. Here in Australia there is an ombudsman (higher authority of the industry) you can go to as well to get the store to comply. Or go to a radio station. Don't just give up, too much money involved. Good luck ☘️

Susan R said...

Della, I got so much out of this post. Yes, "speak as if Jesus was listening because he is". Those really are words to live by and sometimes we forget when we are frustrated/upset. You are such a good example to me.
I really am hoping the refrigerator fiasco works out and no money has to leave your pocket.

Marilyn Reid said...

Well that's a load of crap........oooooooops excuse me............but there HAS to be a record of your purchase. They didn't just give it to you 😡 Well at least you spoke to a nice man from samsung. He probably was in India...seems that is where most call centres are......and they are very polite people although sometimes a bit hard to understand. Good luck with everything 🍀🍀

Marilyn from Canada 🌵🦎