summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

don't worry mom, everything's fine...

You know, if you have ever had teenagers, how the phone calls can go...the ones you just this case, everything WAS fine, except for the van. No one was in it, it was parked in front of Emily's house, and someone backed into it. Never a dull one, I tell you.

And here's the thing: Miss Procrastinator that I am had three vehicles to get inspected by the end of May, which is today. I got one done last week, and lo and behold it needed a new hub bearing, so we were without it for a day or two. So I thought I would squeeze the other two in yesterday and today...well, yesterday, guess what? I forgot.

And now this one is in the auto shop, leaving me to drive Paul to work this morning at the slightly unGodly hour of 6 a.m., woke up at this isn't terrible, to start the day when the sun is coming up, but I could NOT fall asleep last night, the adrenaline of the phone call, or maybe the burst of activity at 11:00 p.m....I don't know.

So soon I leave for town, to drop Paul's truck off for inspection, then hope I don't get a ticket for the other minivan, as it won't get in today.

This is why you don't leave things to the last minute.

The first part of the day was nice...the refrigerator guy fixed the refrigerator.

I left for the small city to take the little girls to gymnastics. We stopped first at the thrift store, where we didn't find too much, but they enjoy browsing. Then to Moe's for lunch...

(what?! We had coupons!) The workers at this particular Moe's are so nice! We dawdled and enjoyed our fresh salsa and chips, and tacos and salad (me).

Then to the dollar store, where we always find something we need, like cinnamon bread and store brand cereal. I got coffee at my favorite little place (A Simple Roast), it's so yummy.

After class, we had a mission! Miss Cam has stopped with her thumb, and sorry to embarrass you, Camille, but mama is very proud of your determination! Once she decided, it was a done deal. I promised her something nice for a prize, so we decided on a swing for the tree in the front yard. They had them at the warehouse store, but when we went there yesterday, there were none to be found. Cam was feeling sad, I saw her lip quivering, she was so set to get her swing...she insisted we ask if they had any more. Now, warehouse club stores usually have all their merchandise out, so I thought it was fruitless, but Cam insisted we ask. As we were checking out (self-check, the girls love scanning stuff), I asked an employee...and she said, "Oh, there's one behind the service desk, it may have been a return...but there's nothing wrong with it, it seems to be all here..." Yay!!!! Cam kept telling me, "I told you we had to ask!"

And I went on my walk this morning...

Even though I had lots of really good reasons why I didn't really need to:)

I have to pick Sonja up early from school this afternoon to take her to the orthopedic doctor about last week's MRI of her knee. Then I have to pick Paul up from work.

I ordered end of the year tests for the homeschooled kids, and we have some things to wrap up. So I won't be sitting around today wondering what to do with myself, ha.

Today's goals:

Stay far far away from chocolate and ice cream. I am not one of those nonchalant people whom I hate and admire, who just wave soft serve cones and chocolate chip cookies away indifferently.

Be nice. Be warm. Be forgiving. Stay far far away from backbiting. Be patient.

Clean this place up. The rain last evening + three Labradors = muddy floors.


Enjoy the day...

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