summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Saturday, May 27, 2017

in the quiet of the morning...

I so appreciate when I get a chance to think...there are 11 of us living in our home these days, and it's usually a bit like a circus. On one hand, I don't like the clock ticking silence for TOO long, but then before long kids will come yawning into the living room, and the usual Saturday morning race for the washing machine will begin. Paul will go to the dump, and we'll pack up snacks and lunches, we have a church conference today! Joseph and Samuel will be playing soccer, too.

Here's something that will embarrass Miss Camille when she gets older, sorry in advance Cam...she stopped sucking her thumb. Now, I read so many things that instantly shamed me, Bad Mom Award, having a nine year old child who still thumb sucked! It usually pointed to a stressed child, a child who was perhaps suffering some sort of abuse. I don't really care if it reflected badly on me, but I did feel a twinge of that What Is Wrong With Me feeling once in a while. And of course, I felt bad for Miss Cam!!! She's such a lovely child...such a treasure...and her poor teeth! I was embarrassed for her, my heart broke for her, when she would absently sneak that thumb in when she was tired or thinking about things. I tried to help her, but every time I suggested something, that we read about it, ect., she got very upset and defensive. I tried ignoring it, along with giving the evil eye to any of my other kids who thought they were helpful in telling her twenty five times a day to Take Your Thumb Out, Cam. Leave Her Alone, I would hiss nicely.

Then one night, I suggested we talk about it, find some articles online, and she was very open for it. We looked at the appliances that cover the thumb, and she thought they looked stupid and babyish. We decided to get her a thumb splint/cast/wrap, a medical looking thing that made it look like she maybe sprained her thumb, but in the mean time, she put a band aid on to remind herself.

Well, I never did get around to buying her that splint/cast/wrap, but I did buy her a variety of band aids, and guess what? She finished! She hasn't put it in her mouth in a few weeks! She is such a determined kid, once SHE decided, the battle was half won.

I can't help thinking that's a good lesson for life, once we make a decision, that's half the battle. When I decided a few years ago to finally battle this weight I had put on, it seemed hopeful, it seemed possible, and I was mentally ready to tackle it. It's the same with our spiritual life! We need to come to the place when we realize that it is not everyone else in the world who is causing my frustration, my pain, my trials. It is MY battle, and I can come to complete peace in my life! It's absolutely normal to be tested and tempted and feel at my wits end sometimes, but that's where God can do his work in me. Trials are totally necessary, otherwise I just skate along, thinking I'm something great. He listens, He answers, He is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

I cannot control all the circumstances in my life, in order to make me happy. I can't stop the idiot drivers, but I CAN work on my own road rage. (who, me?). I can't make the rain go away or the stop the dogs from shedding or my teenagers from rolling their eyes...oh, life. We can either get steamrolled by our own sin, or we can side with God and get victory.

My house...every day there is so much to do here. I don't like the endless cleaning up, the daily messes...this fine morning I had to face the fact that I made popcorn last night, the good pan popped stove top stuff, popped in coconut oil and drizzled with butter...I mean, who really cleans up after popcorn, at 11 p.m.?

The floors NEED sweeping, at least once a day, it's horrible in here in the morning: dog fur. Three dogs worth of dog fur. Spring shedding. And dogs bring in dirt and dust, too. Even though we wipe their paws, it still comes in. Sunny and Suri both had baths yesterday, but still. They're messier than little kids. And sometimes, I feel sick of having dogs. (Then they greet me with all that wagging, and I love them all over again)

Anyway. I am full of thankfulness. Our cabin in the Adirondacks is coming up next month, and as far as I know, each and every one of our sixteen kids will be there, plus the two granddaughters, spouses, friends. They won't all be there for the whole week, so we'll have to figure out a day when they all are there and get a new family picture....


Marilyn Reid said...

Good morning Della! I know what you mean by dog hair!! We took our big male lab Hudson to a groomer for a bath a oouple of weeks ago as he has a really heavy coat and was shedding something dreadful. Boy did that really help. She got a TON of hair off him she said. Bindi our female......and much smaller......has shorter fur so we bath her easily. Of course there is still some hair, but so much better. Good for's like anything.....she had to decide to do it herself. It's like us loosing one can do for us...unfortunately. I am going to do a 2 week sugar cleanse and keep sugar to 30 gr a day!! It's not easy as EVERYTHING has sugar in it. My daughter's friend had breast cancer and has done tons of research and she, and many doctors and researchers, believe all this added sugar is sooooo bad for us. More addictive than heroine. So I have started to read how much sugar is in things I eat and I'm shocked!! My GF bread for instance has 5 grams per slice! I'll let you know how I do. Starting along with 20 other people on June 1st. Should be interesting I think

Have a great day 🌞🌞

Marilyn from Canada

Rose Sperlonga said...

Your post about your daughter an sucking her thumb just struck a cord with me. I feel bad for kids now. I was a thumb sucker I got teased, my teeth are not nice, but I remember loving that thumb! :) Gone are the days were they can just be kids till they don't want to be anymore.
My almost 3 yr old grand daughter loves her pacifier! Her "ba-bo" as she calls it. Its in her mouth all the time and everyone hates it. I will say her little teeth are starting to stick out some but darn she is so cute. They can't have bottles anymore after 6 months... no cribs , no this or that. Someone posted on her mothers FB about her "ba-bo" and I wanted to rip their heads off! lol let her be a baby...

I'm glad Camille did it on her own. :) They all do on their own ... on their own time! Just like my grand daughter. :)