summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

the ongoing saga of the refrigerator repairs....

All eleven daughters, and one grand daughter, and one puppy...this is from last summer. I know it has nothing to do with the refrigerator, but it's such a nice picture.

The repairman is coming again today. The fan in our brand new Samsung refrigerator is frozen up again, causing the bottom few drawers to be icy cold, and the top of the unit to be too warm. The freezer part works fine, thankfully. It happens again and again, so today the board is going to be replaced.

So this fine rainy morning, when I just wanted to sit in my cozy chair and sip my coffee and write amazing blog posts, I had to clean up the house because the fixer guy is coming. It seems like every day it's something, we were gone all day on Saturday, on Sunday, and part of Monday (I had a super nice brunch with Emily, Abigail, Evelyn, Suzanne, friend Page, and my sister Cheryl yesterday morning!) So this morning, I got up and started cleaning, as per usual, but the animals are brats today. The pups went in and out a few times, and it's pouring out, so 12 paws to wipe off. The kitty-cat is all active today too, meowing to go in and out of the room where her baby kittens are, then to be fed, then to go outside, and of course she can't stay out too long because of the rain, and because of the kittens. Then when I thought all was settled, I sat down, put my feet up, and Sunny started hacking...and sorry, but yeah, she barfed on the towel near the door, so yeah, that towel went into the trash. I hate to be so wasteful, but it WAS an old rippy towel, there to wipe down wet puppies, but still. We have seriously downsized our towel supply since we have gotten Little Miss Sunshine. And dang it, I think there are a few messes on the deck I have to deal with before the repairman arrives.

But anyway. Kittens!

This little black on is the runt of the litter, and also a scaredy cat. Sunny likes kittens, she wants to make friends. She was sniffing them, when this little one started hissing, Sunny ran away, to over near the door...she flopped down and put her head on her paws and sighed.

Is anything cuter than Miss Lydia with an ice cream cone? She came for a visit last night. :)

The Memorial Day Parade! That's Sebastian and Linnea and William with niece's kids, love them!

Miss Charlotte Claire with her big sister Emily Anne...child #15 with child #1, who is not really a child anymore, ha.

Suzanne and I...

Char with Sunny...

Today is gymnastics day! We have testing to do, and math, and and and. The kids are still sleeping though, they had an exhaustingly busy weekend!

Weight loss: ha. Ha ha ha. There's something depressing about really trying for a month, and when the month ends...down only two pounds. But, at least it's down, and not up. And my daily walking...I put a few miles in yesterday, but my knee has been clicking something crazy, so this fine morning I decided not to go out in the pouring rain...but I am determined to do other exercises in the house today. The thing about lack of progress is that I feel like I do all this suffering, because yes, it is hard for me to not eat all of the cookies, then I just say, "What the heck." That's what I did on Sunday night. Paul had gone fishing with the boys, and I was here with some of the girls, some of the older ones visiting too, and I just had ice cream. With hot fudge and sprinkles. And then I had some more. I know, I know, fat girls shouldn't eat ice cream, and certainly not seconds! It was so yummy, why couldn't it have been disappointing, why couldn't I have felt horrible eating it? I don't eat sugar on a regular basis, nor any sort of bread (except for occasional Ezekial toast), no pasta or even fruit, with the exception of a small serving of berries or a few slices of an orange. So the sugar rush I experienced with the ice cream was actually quite nice.

But it's back to work now, back to seriousness, back to saying no. I have to live like this, even though I am rather stuck. It's for my blood pressure, to prevent diabetes, it's for my best, and I really don't mind.

But oh that ice cream was sooooo good.

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