summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

one hot and sunny day....

A lady woke up and went on her walk...three days in a row!!! She came home and sat on the deck in her comfy chair, and sipped her coffee.
(actual unretouched pic of lady who went on walk)(she noticed right away the lines on her neck, but rationalized that it was because of the slouchy Adirondack chair she was sitting in)(Did you know that Adirondack chairs were invented for Tuberculosis patients who sat outdoors up in the Adirondack mountains, designed for recovery of the lungs?)(Evelyn taught that, see, the more kids one has, the smarter one gets!)

Anyway. This lady, she felt on top of the world because of her walking streak, even thought the mean terrible scale played a rotten trick on her and went up instead of down this fine morning. Then she had another victory...she picked up one high school daughter from school, and instead of just taking HER for ice cream, she went home first and picked up Jon, Char, and Cam, and also their puppy Sunny...and: she didn't get herself an ice cream...the kids stepped up to the window, one by one...soft chocolate with chocolate sprinkles, chocolate and vanilla twist with rainbow sprinkles...and this lady, she held firm. The girl at the window looked at her questioningly, but this lady...she just looked at the nice girl behind the counter, and said, "That's it." Victory!

but she celebrated too soon...she was quite hungry, so she accidentally ate way too many PopChips. They are not allowed in her house anymore. Too many, ha, the whole bag.

If you're wondering what happened between this morning walk and the afternoon ice cream victory, here it is...she had a huge visit from her S-in-law Kim, with Kim's two kids, and two of Kim's grandsons, both 3 years old. Young children had watermelon and hot dogs (Jonathan was so nice to grill them on the deck!), freeze pops and pouch drinks. They splashed in little pools, jumped on the trampoline, and bigger kids climbed the tree.

The lady and Kim drank coffee and watched the kids, having those conversations moms have, punctuated by interruptions like Look At Me, I'm Hungry, and He's Going To Throw Water On Me!

It was a very warm day, in the high 80's. Warm and sunny and pleasant and delicious.

Dinner...a spiral sliced ham, served cold, sliced buttered baguette, raw carrots and celery slices.

This lady is now sitting in her comfy chair, listening to two of her sons outside working on a car with two of their friends. Samuel received a car from his Grampa a few years back, and now is getting it running again. It has been decorating the driveway for a while, since his sisters stopped driving it when they got their own cars. They got it running, and I think they replaced the brakes.

This lady is tired...the hot weather makes one sleepy, especially when the whole house fan is humming/roaring. The tree frogs and the crickets are starting in, like they have been waiting for this day of heat to sing out with all their hearts. The dogs are too hot, they lie on the kitchen tile to cool off, stretching out as much as possible. They barked minimally when the boys' friends arrived, eager to sniff them and get back to their cool tiles.

The husband of this house is packing. He is going to India, again. He brings his little coffee pot, his mini blender, his coffee and coconut oil, and his own little containers of half and half. He eats super healthy, even when he travels. He puts this lady to SHAME by his very existence, ha. He does his push ups and his work outs, and if she ventures to say that she put maybe two and a half miles of walking in one day, he'll pshaw that, that's not much! He doesn't do it to be rude or mean or purposely condescending, it just seems that way because he is superbly fit. He sprints down the road with the dogs as if he's 25 and not 55, he jump ropes and climbs the rope in the tree and lifts weights. He doesn't believe in excuses, but this lady...excuses are her middle name! Yet they love each other, and this is true.

He walks by the candy dish with nary a thought, she looks, drools, slaps her own hand, thinks about it, decides not to, and yay!

Oh and you know what? This would be a perfect night for a light lime beer...oh yummers. There are none in the house...oh well.

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