summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, July 3, 2017

life after vacation: wow.

I only gained four pounds on vacation, and lost a few of them already...not bad for all the bad things I ate...and here's the thing: I wasn't totally horribly indulgent. One night I skipped dinner, then had like five Oreos. Mint Oreos. Yes indeed, they are good...and there were caramel creams, the little wrapped ones with the white cream in the center...afternoon wine...and, donuts happened. We are a donut cutting family though, we want to taste ALL THE DONUTS. So I didn't go overboard, but I usually don't eat any donuts. Ice cream happened that one day, but it was so worth it! And yeah, I ordered a small. Popcorn happened a few times, and then there was one marshmallow night, I had two. I didn't go whole hog and have a s'more, skipped the graham crackers, but toasted a marshmallow, put a piece of Hershey's chocolate in my mouth, then the toasted marshmallow...oh yummers.

So, overall, it could have been worse. I stayed away from the buns, toast, bagels, and kept my portions small. I ate things I normally don't, but didn't go too crazy.

The after effects are the worst part though. Just getting a taste of things reawakens the sugar monster in me. So now it's back to slaying him again. And just an FYI: Oreos aren't as good as I remember them. The cream in the middle is disappointing, probably all the trans fat that was removed.

So back to reality here...laundry. Washing loads of bedding and towels, and shh, I haven't even opened my suitcase yet. We are taking turns with the washer and dryer. Yesterday I had to take Kathryn to the airport, in the middle of grilling steaks. I had to leave the last few for Paul to finish, so I could jump in the pool to cool off before getting dressed. Oh, poor me, ha.

I went to the grocery store after dropping her off...she is going to Seattle for a week to spend some time with Benjamin, who also flew out earlier yesterday. Ashley and Anya are staying in town for a week, but Ben had to get back. But; they are moving here! His job starts here at the end of the month!!!! After all these years, seeing them on a regular basis: just joy.

Evelyn also left for the west coast, she is spending July with Aaron (our #6 child, sweet Aaron...he is an R.N. at Stanford), and Riley. It makes me happy that the siblings enjoy each other's company so much. Ev had the mind to bless her brother, to help them with the house, the yard, the pool...and they also wants to bless Evelyn, because duh, California sunshine!

So here there are only seven of the sixteen home for right now...

Kathryn will come back from Seattle, then leave for Norway for a year. wah.

And anyway, today is a good day. I swept the floors, turned on the pool filter and added some chlorine, fed the puppies and the kitties, made coffee, and ahh, here I am, in the comfy chair. Duke decided that 6:14 was as good a time as any to start in on the barking this fine morning.

This afternoon, we are going to the park on the lake, Owasco Lake, (one of the Finger Lakes), for a picnic...then the symphony plays, then fireworks at dark. Lots of our friends are going too. I plan to pack healthy food, like celery and crunchy almond butter, sliced cucumbers, chicken, and maybe some popcorn. And fresh cherries, mmm.

In all the little things that go on in life, we get to choose our own paths. There are things I cannot change, but I can certainly adjust my own attitude, and purify my own heart from bad thoughts and keep it free from grudges. God is good! He makes no mistakes. Lately, I have been extremely thankful for the kids He has given me. They weren't born to me by accident, they are loved and were placed here with Paul and I, to be raised and nurtured and cared for...they grow up, and make their own ways in life, and we love them no matter what. I believe that God's intention is that all of creation would turn to Him, to trust Him, to live life purely without sinning. He does not force, we have free will. I believe that Jesus jumps up and down, there at His right hand, in heaven, when we choose to live for God, and each and every time we overcome sin...when we turn the other cheek, bless instead of curse, give with no demands. So it goes without saying that I would love for all of my kids to choose this too, but I love them, each of them, with all of my heart, no matter what directions their lives go.

It makes my soul ache when they suffer for what I see as bad decisions, and it also gives me a glimpse of what it must be like for God: He only wants the best for His children.

And those are my deep thoughts for the day. :)

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terre said...

those last couple of paragraphs are so beautifully written and totally speak my heart. i almost want to share them with my world. you are such a patient mama, hang in there.

terre @ zoomama speaks...