summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, July 13, 2017

life: please, please slow down!!!

This is Paul's mom, Eleanor...and me, with Miss baby.'s our most precious and fleeting asset. It needs to slow down, but my internet speed needs to speed up. Doctor appointments and dentist appointments and waiting in traffic and all these other time thieves....this is my life. But sadly, I cannot just spend it how I want can I do?

Here's a good tip: Enjoy every minute. Waiting in line at the department of motor can just grumble and mumble and watch the fair weather clouds sail in front of the sun from the window, and hate that you're not out in the day. And that's fair enough. But those minutes or even hours that are spent in ways beyond control are still MY LIFE. What if...just what if...I could be happy then too? If I could maybe get some treasures in heaven...?

I am trying to encourage myself here, friends. Because today is day #3 in a row of appointments. Tuesday was dentist for little girls, then in the afternoon I worked at the new lake view ampitheater at the Cheap Trick/Foreigner concert...until midnight! Oh, it was a long night. Then bright and early Wednesday I had to get a filling in a wisdom tooth, which was just joy, ha. But I did get to run to the grocery store by myself which was A-okay. And...after getting home and putting things away, we packed the cooler and got our swimsuits, and headed to our friends' house for a little pool party! Suzanne and Sonja, Jonathan, Charlotte Claire and Camille and I...:)

This fine morning, I was supposed to be already at an appointment,(it's for Sonja's knee surgery, a pre-op check-up) but it got changed to the afternoon, letting me actually sleep in a bit. But this afternoon it will be busy, because there is another concert right afterward. Lady Antebellum. I don't mind working at the concerts, the music is loud and clear, the people are happy...mostly. Our prices are sky high (five dollars for a bottle of water!)....and it is not our doing, we just work there. But by working there, we get to take the crappola from the customers about it. And sometimes the food isn't always ready and available because it is prepared in the main building out back, again, not our fault at all...but we get to shoulder the growls from the hungry who have to forego/wait for their $6.25 order of fries. And a can of beer is $12. It is a large can, but still. I take their money and smile and thank them for their business, and hope they put a dollar on the tip pile, ha, because I bring the tips home for the babysitters...and we split them up between the whole group, including the people from the company who work with us, even though we are non-profit. So it's not all sunshine and puppydogs, and it's hot there in the tent we work from...but again, it's's MY LIFE, and when I have a good attitude...and I'm a good spirit, it's contagious. And we can have fun, and fellowship, and it's not awful to work there.

My feet though...oh how my feet protest. They don't get the thankfulness thing. They just keep on complainin'.

So today will be filled up...and it's not always easy to figure out who will be where...the little girls have to go appointment-ing with me today because Samuel is bringing Emily and Mali and little Lydia to the airport (they are going to California to visit Aaron and Riley! and Evelyn, who is still there!). Sam is bringing Suzanne with him too because Suze has to get a flea collar for her new kitten. Yeah, we successfully gave away our latest kittens, then she got a little orange guy from one of her friends. Suzanne used the "It's Better To Ask For Forgiveness Than Permission" policy. It worked. we go....


Susan R said...

Wow, sounds like you get to hear some great groups at the music venue. I agree those prices are outrageous and I would not be buying with such costs. However, the $12 beers probably prevent many problems with patrons becoming intoxicated.
This was a good lesson in appreciating life no matter what we are doing, that is an easy concept to forget!

Carol Slater said...

Hopefully, you find some bright and happy moments in your day. You are right that it is still your life and it is best to make the most of it. I realize each day how much time I have wasted complaining about things that are beyond my control. The weather for one and I try to be thankful for whatever the day brings.

16 blessings'mom said...

Susan, we do hear some good music! My next concert is Boston! (the group, and also, ha I am going to the city of Boston next week!) The twelve dollar beers don't stop them all, they are 24 ounces, and oh boy, a lot of people buy them.

Carol, the weather here in central New York is a biggie to complain about, but most of it is recreational complaining...small talk. We don't get enough sunshine though, we all agree on that. :) Although I do like a nice gloomy overcast day...