summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

yummy yummy summertime....

Miss Camille with her healthy lunch...everything tastes better when you've had a swim, and the sun is shining.

I sent this one to Miss Evelyn, who is in in, ha, we have nice weather too!

The pool has been grand, but we need more chlorine tablets, and we're running out of dog food. (Sorry...whenever I need something at the store...)

Yesterday was a day of cleaning up, swimming, sunning, and hanging out at home. We were planning a trip to the park, to see the symphony perform, and watch the fireworks...and we did go...but much later than we planned, because it was just so nice to be home and in that bathing suit. Paul took the day off from work, and Joseph,Sam, Suzanne, Sonja, Jonathan, Char, and Cam were here.

In the afternoon, we packed up a cooler with celery, cucumbers and cheese and pepperoni and lunch meat and some fried chicken...and iced tea and water and a few cans of Diet Pepsi. And a bag or two of snacks...cheese popcorn, and cookies, and Doritos. I only had cheese popcorn. I skipped the red, white, and blue Skittles, but I did have one of the yummiest things: have you tried the gummy sea-creature candies from Trader Joe's? No, I am not getting paid, I wish. My niece Susan had some there...they are so good, and they are all in really authentic fish themed shapes. The small children go crazy for them.

When we got to the park, one of my phone-borrowing daughters asked me why I hadn't charged my phone...oops. So I didn't take ANY pictures.

That means I'll have to use words. The park filled with people, but we had a nice spot on the grass, only maybe 50 feet from the symphony. The grass was spongy wet from all the rain we've had, so the blankets spread out did get soggy, but it was a nice warm day, which turned into a mild evening. The stars came out, and the half moon shone. The Star Spangled Banner started the evening, then some Star Wars music, then a tribute to our military troops. Samuel stood up when the Army veterans/active duty members were recognized, while the Army song was one of those gives-you-the-chills moments.

The symphony ended with the 1812 Overture, with the crowd on our feet, clapping along, and dancing. It was amazing. Then there were fireworks!

Ashley was there with Anya, and I tell you, just joy! She has this big smile, and she watches all the big kids, and she loves her Aunties...and her Papa, which is what she calls Paul. It makes my heart happy that she's going to move to the east coast, and I'll get to see her so much more.

So leaving the parking lot last night after the fireworks ended was a fireworks show in itself. Everybody wants out, and no one wants to let anyone ahead of them. If I were driving, we would have just sat there and hung out for a while and waited until the impatient drivers left. But Paul was driving, and he knows how to nose the van out and edge into the line of vehicles. You could see drivers getting mad, and hear a few horns honking,(not at US, just to clarify...) but in our van, it was all joking and fun. We knew we didn't have anywhere we had to be in a hurry. But, Paul edged out in front of the wrong lady, oh was she mad. She had some choice words for Paul, she was going to punch him in his f*****g face, she screamed. I didn't much like the kids hearing that, but on the other hand, it was a prime example of how not to be. Sam dubbed the lady Laura Lunatic. She was pretty much touching our bumper, but Paul and I made sure the kids were good and didn't wave at her or enrage her anymore. One of the girls wanted to take a picture from the back of how close she was to our van, but we said not to.

We ended up having a really fun experience out of the parking lot, with Samuel cheering us on to be good and be patient.

Today is the glorious 4th of July, and the kids are scattering. Suzanne and Sonja are going with Abigail and some of their friends up to the Thousand Islands, to Alexandria Bay. Joseph, Samuel, and Jonathan are going on a hike with their friends. Paul and I will be here with just the two little girls! I have three racks of ribs to grill, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow...I think Ashley and Anya, Mali and Lydia, one of Sonja's friends, the little girls' friend Amanda..will be coming over.

And that's all I have to say about that. (If you've never watched Forrest Gump, what are you waiting for?)


Cheryl Stryker said...

I know you probably had a nice day, but you should have come here!! It was a much smaller than usual crowd, mostly 5 year olds!!! And sorry about the parking lot incident... Jkjk it wasn't me. But it was interesting as we tried to leave, as well!!

Marilyn Reid said...

Della I'm so glad you had such a great holiday! Sounds like you have been busy since your return as is they way of it, isn't if? Always mountains of laundry. You will be so happy to have your son and family back close by.....🤗 Getting hotter here now too thank goodness. I laughed out loud at the shenigans getting out of the parking lot 😂😂😂 BTW I absolutely LOVED Forrest Gump ❤️

Marilyn from Canada