summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

not giving up....just postponing....

This is me, relaxed. Super, wonderfully relaxed. So relaxed that the former me, the one with the nursing baby and toddlers and kindergartner and and and...actually HATES the relaxed me, she is so jealous.

Make no mistake, I am not just taking these days for granted. I, the Queen of Not Being Able To Think Two Thoughts Without Interruption, have had two entire

Well, yesterday started with high hopes and ambitions.
But this is the lady who stormed right past me, pushing her baby in an ugly baby jogger (sorry, but I despise 3-wheeled strollers...I knew someone who had one and it was tippy. And they-re ugly. But hey, this young mama blew right by me and put me to shame, so I forgive her poor choice in strollers...and yeah, I guess it works for her, so whatever.)

(you can barely see her in this picture, she went by me so fast!)

Anyway. I walked down the road yesterday...for a while...then I decided to turn around. It was hot out, the road had no sidewalk, and...I just decided to turn around. I went back to the hotel, and headed straight The breakfast place had just stopped serving, but the nice lady gave me coffee anyway...she said she had just closed the drawer, but honestly, she said, it's okay for me to just have a cup...:) I don't say no to a large Starbucks, and be quiet Aaron, it is good.

I took my coffee and headed to the pool...I changed into my suit, sat by the pool and sipped my coffee, swam for half an hour, sat some more in a nice comfy lounge chair...then went up to my room and read a book.

Paul texted me that we were going out to dinner with his co-workers, to an Italian place. Shh, I did not google the place while on the phone with my sister. I did not study the menu ahead of time and decide to just get a margarita and dessert...of course when I was at the actual restaurant, I could not do this. A very thin woman would get away with it, but I couldn't do it. So I ordered this dish with chicken, sauteed with made-fresh-daily sausage, tomatoes, onions, and fresh broccoli, in a yummy sauce, over fresh made pasta...oh dear, homemade was heavenly. Now, I do not eat pasta anymore. But now that I have had this, I want more, and not the boxed stuff, either. I couldn't bring the leftovers with me, or I would have eaten them today... Anyway. About dessert. Every person at the table groaned and said a resounding NO to dessert. Again, a very thin woman might have laughed daintily and withstood the mild teasing, and ordered a slice of peanut butter pie on a chocolate crust, or even a light scoop of peach gelato. Or maybe the tiramisu. My sister and I agreed that skipping the food and having dessert would be best, but no sir, I could not humiliate myself.

Today, I decided against trying the beach adventure again...because of forecasted thunderstorms. I went for a little walk, then swam for half an hour...I MADE myself exercise and swim in that pool instead of just float around...:)

Then I dried off, lounged in the chair, and read...poor me, all by my lonesome.

I talked to my son Benjamin on the phone today for almost two hours. If you are his boss and reading this, of course he was working at the same time!! He didn't know I was in Boston until like the second hour of our conversation...he said, "Oh, I wondered why you had so much time to talk without having to leave to drive anyone anywhere!"

He is moving back to New York!!!!! I am so beyond thrilled about this. I can't even put it into words. You know when teenage girls say, "I can't even!" Well, I can't even. dear Ben. I don't have favorites, of course I don't, shh, they're all my favorites,,,

Anyway. God is good.

Tonight, Paul and I are going out again, but I am not entirely certain where...I think to his friend's house, a guy he works with who I was able to meet when we went to France. I don't know how many co-workers are going. I wish I wasn't so socially awkward. I love people, but I get rather tongue tied....blah.


Just Me said...

Does the hotel where you are staying have a shuttle? They might take you to the beach or somewhere else you might want to go.

Marilyn Reid said...

You are a hoot😂😂😂 I'm glad you had such a great day and yummy supper. I might have ordered a delicious. I hope everything went well with the visiting tonight........I'm sure it did. Enjoy your day tomorrow. Call UBER to take you to that museum someone mentioned. Enjoy!!

Marilyn from Canada

LK said...

Hi Della! Last time I was in Boston I stopped here - - definitely recommend if you're in for a treat! They have all kinds of crazy delicious donuts and very good coffee. I love the cold brew