summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, October 8, 2015

real quick post....israel kids, airport trip, too much fun....

Okay...first the Israel kids: they are having too much fun. I will post some pics later when I get a chance, but they have been to the Dead Sea and to Jerusalem, and have ridden camels in the desert. I miss them dearly but am so excited for them about the intensity of this trip.

Airport trip: we have to drive to pick Paul up from the airport this morning. We, as in: Jon, Char, Cam, Davian, Linnea, and Sebastian. And me, the driver. He comes in early enough that we don't have time to do anything fun first, and believe me, he will just want to come home when we pick him up...he, as in Paul.

And the fun part...having lots of kids underfoot is always fun. Davian is explaining to Sebastian right this moment that snot come out of your nose. I missed the context, but it's still funny. Sebastian is the Coloring King. He whips through paper like there's no tomorrow, but his pictures are getting better and more discernible. This morning, he's drawing Davian's family. And Davian is making the planets. Linnea is still sleeping, she is definitely the sleeper of the twins. And the eater. She scooped up that homemade chicken soup last night for supper, all smiles and happy. Sebastian no sooner heard what we were having, and announced he was having a banana. I just gave him the banana, after all, they are guests here and I am also a picky eater, so I do know how he feels. Anyhow, I prepared a mouse sized bowl of soup for him, and encouraged him to just take a taste...he took four tastes, and I praised him to the hills. This is progress, one of the first nights he was here, I presented him with a nice bowl of beef and veggies, and this is true: he screamed when I set it in front of him. ha, he had Cheerios.:)

They are entwining their little selves right around my heart, as challenging as they can be sometimes. I am fifty years old, and these kids can run circles around me, hands down. I let them run in the house as much as I can stand, and when I am certain that someone is going to fall and hit their head, I have them stop. (this fear is stronger with kids not my own, I don't remember being so worried about these things with my kids:)) We are having some nice weather too, so we get outside and run around as much as possible.

And now I have sat here too long, enjoying my coffee while they sit at the table with Jonathan...I have to actually wake Char, Cam, and Linnea so we can get going...

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Cheryl Stryker said...

All I can say is I get tired just thinking about them!! Amusing and entertaining. And I just have to tell you that Will asked me tonight if it would be okay to stay with you for a few days after his parents come home!! Too funny.. He loves it at your house!! PS.. He's going to school tomorrow, but he wants Grampy to read more of the Hobbit to him in the morning before I get up..