summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

what did I do to deserve this!?

Camille and I....

The three youngest...Camille 7, Miss Charlotte Claire 9, and Jonathan, 11.

The older kids all went to a youth meeting last night, so we decided to go out and about and use the pizza coupons for homeschooling. They get a free pan pizza each month for reading lots of books:) I ordered two large pizzas in addition for when the older kids got home. I just had some chicken wings, which were not that good. Don't order the wings from Pizza Hut.

But need I say this? We had fun. We colored our placemats and played tic-tac-toe. Walmart! Suzanne started painting her room several weeks ago, and ran out of paint, which is no surprise. It's a huge room, plus it was painted a rich dark brown, which believe me, I did not choose. The new color is a greyish blue, and much brighter, but even though it's the good stuff, a gallon didn't go very far. So two more gallons of paint, a new pocketknife and a coconut for Jonny, and a new stroller for my little granddaughter Lydia...

Oh what torture for me to choose which one to get! She has a heavy stroller that takes up all her trunk room, so I have been looking for a small one...this one folds up like an umbrella stroller, but the seat comes off and can face either way, and it seems higher up than other strollers. The kids were so excited about picking it out, and that I actually bought it. They couldn't wait to get home and take it out of the box. Now we just need Lydia to come over to try it out!

Jonathan is off spending the night with Emily, as Em is babysitting this morning for some friends of ours who also homeschool. He brought his school work with him:)

Emily and I are planning our trip to Norway for March, for a sisters' conference. We would like to leave a few days early and visit London. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to England, and just the thought of it makes me jump up and down inside. If I COULD jump in real life, I would. Anyway. And in Norway, I would see Margaret and Abigail!

Davian is here, and Char is playing with the small dollhouse stuff with him. They are living on an island, and Davian thinks it should be in Jackson, Mississipi, or in Florida with alligators, or maybe in the Bahamas. He is three years they are checking the world map to figure out the best place for their island.

My life. Not always a bed of roses, but so amazingly excellent. I am thankful!

Kathryn is making breakfast, and my quiet time of the morning is over...


Anonymous said...

love reading about your days....


Anonymous said...

I don't recall how I found your blog, and don't usually comment on blogs, but I thought you should know how much I enjoy reading your blog. Your love for your family and friends shines through, and I am inspired by your fresh outlook as you go about your days.