summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, November 20, 2015

and friday rolls around again...

I would like to say we are staying home today, but alas, we are going bye-bye...just for two specific things: a huge turkey, and something for the crafts I am making for the bazaar this year. I bought a turkey yesterday but it's only 18 pounds, and am hoping to get a bigger one. It's only 48 cents a pound, and we'll use the smaller one maybe for Christmas, or for just a random Sunday meal.

Oh how spoiled we are. I watched a video from Operation Christmas Child...a huge roomful of school kids somewhere in Africa, I am guessing, opening their shoeboxes full of gifts, and shrieking with joy. One boy was waving a box of markers like it was a million dollars. I had my three youngest watch it with me this morning, then we went to the site and read personal stories of kids receiving their boxes, and how having their own toothbrush instead of sharing with others at the orphanage was the best thing, but most of all, these kids felt the love of a stranger. The kids and I agreed that we need to fill a box or two, and found there are drop off locations around here.

Jonathan is making eggs for Camille for breakfast. Miss Char is taking a shower. Duke is lying at my feet, and Suri is napping on the couch, snoring.

It's chilly and sunny here, the wind has died down, it's a good day for playing outside. Yesterday rain was forecast, so when the kids woke up, I told them to go out and jump on the trampoline quickly before the rain comes through.

Yesterday's calling hours/service for our friend's mom was very touching, very sad. I am so thankful that we attended. Paul was able to leave work for a while and go, it was nice to see him there too. I didn't know his mom well, she came here once years ago, but that's not always the point. Steve needed his friends in his time of sorrow.

It's time to get moving here again.


Martha said...

The videos always get me...
I was sad overhearing a few women discuss "how expensive" filling a box could be. "Just go to the Dollar Store," said another, and I cringed. I wanted to, but didn't, say, "Pretend this is your child. How much would you be willing to spend then?"
The Dollar Store has some good shoe box items, but fill the box with love and let Jesus take care of the rest. He's got a pretty nice bank account and He can take care of it.

terre said...

joel and i did operation shoebox for the first time this year. it was an interesting project -- so many things you WANT to include but can't due to space allotment. i saw that same video i think - moving isn't it?


Anonymous said...

How is Duke's ear?

16 blessings'mom said...

Duke's ear is totally and completely fine, what's left of it after the surgery. He's doing well. One of the lumps that was removed from his foot, a fatty tumor, seems to be growing back, and he has a few big lump on his hip, one on his back. He is limp-y and old, but so sweet, and seriously, it was so worth it to have all that done for him. Martha, yes, we need to go on a little adventure! And I agree, being a cheapskate when it comes to something like the shoebox is sad. Terre, that video IS moving, that one boy got MARKERS, and just couldn't believe it. Wow.