summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Sunday, November 29, 2015

chiseling out some quiet time...

No matter what, Camille loves me.:)

Miss Lydia came to visit us last evening...Kathryn and Sonja enjoyed her immensely...Suzanne and the little girls did too. And of course Grammy here was in heaven.

What is this? Well, this is Evelyn Joy having fun with her favorite friend, Miss Suri.

This is from our walk along the canal the other day...Paul with Suri, the girls on their bikes...

Today is a relatively blank slate. We are out of dog food, oops, the pups had small servings supplemented with a few dog biscuits this fine morning. I have ideas for gifts and crafts and need a few supplies. The older girls have things they need to be at this afternoon, choir practice and party planning committees, ect., and need rides. The younger girls might go wreath selling with some of the girls, but that isn't for certain yet. So as per usual, Mom can't just wake up and decide what to do with her day:)

Time is flying too fast. Christmas seemed so far away for so long, and the stores were decorating and advertising way too early. Now it seems like the autumn just sped by and all of the sudden, it's Christmas. This wouldn't be a problem for those who plan ahead, but for people like me, with a million good ideas swirling around in my head, and not enough time to do them all, blah. This Saturday we have a table at a craft bazaar, and do I have one single thing completed? Oh, I have ideas and plans!

But as for right now...right this moment, life is good. Suri is snoring on the couch, Char is watching something on her tablet, Paul is out hunting, and the other kids are still all in bed. I took inventory of my gift closet this morning and it was dismal. I came out here to get my Christmas list out first, and of course the dogs acted like they hadn't seem my in a week, and I had to take them outside, then feed them, and lo and behold one of them had thrown up on the living room floor, and nah, I simply couldn't just skip down into my room with the Christmas list and leave that there. Dang. And of course I wonder if it was Duke, who has been so limpy and hobbly lately. He had better not go and die on us right before Christmas.

Last evening, I ordered pizza for the kids from the place in town. It's yummy stuff. I was tired from working my shift at the football game, and didn't make an alternate meal for I cut a thin strip of a piece, which was added to by another thin strip...until I had probably half a slice...and they are huge slices. Oh well. Real life happens. Miss Lydia was here, and we were enjoying her, I had been on my feet, didn't feel like making healthy food. Oh yes, I have the whole plethora of excuses.

Eating white flour, sugar, and simple carbs gives me heartburn, and headaches. But that knowledge seems far off when that cardboard box is opened and the aroma of pepperoni and of that amazing crust wafts out...

Today is another day. I will be smarter today. :)

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Marilyn said...

I have been eating clean since the beginning of September and have been really good.....mostly. Sometimes I eat a yam because they are so nutritious. On Saturday I was a bit naughty. I ate oatmeal with some brown sugar and cream for breakfast. Then at lunch I had one of my gluten free chocolate, cocoanut cookies......yes it is GF, but I think they gave a million calories!!! .I usually eat 1/2 once in a while for a treat. Then later in the day I ate ANOTHER whole one AND I ate some oven fries at supper. I have to tell you I really did not feel very good. AWFUL GAS :-( So lesson learned.......don't do that ever again. Your little baby Lydia as just so adorable. It is lovely your baby Cam is still so affectionate. The youngest one stays like that longer I think. Enjoy while you can. You know how fast they grow up and think you were born in the cave days. One minute you are just the best thing since sliced thing you are embarrassing and they don't want to be seen walking in the mall with you. You are a great mum :-) I have not bought one single Christmas gift. Mine all was gift cards so that is easy.......I always buy a few little things to go with the gift cards, so I really must get out in the next week to do that. Have a great day!!!😊

Marilyn from Canada