summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

home again....

Our little trip went by too fast...
This is me when I discovered how nice the hotel was:)

We left at noon-ish and stopped at a wildlife refuge.

Our hotel room was fantastic! There was a sitting room with a fireplace, and a full kitchen.

I happen to love fireplaces, it was a chilly and rainy afternoon, and this was so cozy! The hotel was right in the same parking lot as T.G.I.F, a decent enough place for dinner. And since we were walking, we had a drink with dinner, which believe me, doesn't happen when kids are along:)

Anyway. 31 years, and we still like each other. We did lots of walking, and enjoyed the pool and hot tub. We were across the street from a thrift store, so we explored there this morning. I found some good Christmas presents for the kids. Then we took the long scenic ride home, along the southern shore of Lake Ontario, admiring the beautiful houses and apple orchards.

Some of those houses are magnificent! So absolutely huge! Chances are, the people who live in them don't have even half the kids we have, why do they need all of that room? I don't blame them, if I had that much money, I would have a huge house too. But not super huge, I like cozy. I would have a fireplace though, and an endless pool, indoors.

Char, Cam, and I took a nice walk in the sprinkling rain this afternoon before dinner. I had made some pumpkin flax seed muffins, some with berries and some with a few mini chocolate chips on top, oh they are good, especially for being healthy. Then pork chops, apple sauce, rice, and salad for dinner.

The younger kids are at activity club. Right now, Paul is attempting to fix the oven (yay!)(I can't paint my kitchen or the cabinets until it gets fixed). Kathryn and Evelyn are making pudding and homemade whipped cream. Why don't they just shoot me? Hot chocolate pudding...I hate healthy eating sometimes. Suzanne is here too, and they are full of silliness, while Paul is trying to figure this stove thing out.

Today is Benjamin's birthday, and also my friend Martha's son Benjamin's birthday. I think that's pretty cool. If I were rich, I would fly out to visit Ben at least every six months. Or heck, every three. I miss him, I miss Ashley, and I miss that little Anya. And, I love to travel.

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Lisa said...

One day we were garage sale-ing in a very nice subdivision near our home where the houses are HUGE (on teeny little lots). My gang were in awe of how new and neat everything was. One daughter sighed and said to her sister, "Wow, I wonder how many kids they have at that house..." Her sister commented, "Probably 20, that's one big house!" - so cute. I knew the family only had two kids (both almost grown and out of the house) but I thought it was so sweet that they just assumed that people with lots of house must have lots of kids. If I were rich, I'd have a bigger house too, but lots of guest rooms so my grown kids would always have their own space when they came back with their families to stay over holidays, vacations, etc. Of course, I could hire someone to come clean all that extra house too if I were

Your quick get-away sounds lovely :) I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!