summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Sunday, September 11, 2016

a little lonely around here....

Anyway. Tonight, Paul and I and Evelyn sat down at the table and ate dinner together. I grilled steak, and made oven roasted zucchini, red potatoes, and onions. Three of the girls are in Washington D.C. visiting Sam with Emily. The two little girls are shopping with Abigail. Jonathan is at his friend's house. Joseph was working out or working on a project, I'm not sure. It's SO weird.

This afternoon, I decided to use some of the garden's zucchini. I made a batch of zucchini banana bread with coconut flour, then a double batch with almond flour...I made some of these into muffins, and put macadamia nuts, white chocolate, and craisins (dried cranberries). The coconut flour ones are more moist and dense, the almond flour a little nuttier. Both are very good, and very healthy.

So here I sit in my comfy chair, enjoying the chilliness and the pumpkin spice coffee, and the after dinner muffin. Summer is slipping away...I enjoyed the tropical heat this year, loved how much we got to use the pool...I don't mind autumn with all it's autumn-y-ness, wearing sweaters and even boots with jeans...or even better, jeans with Birkenstocks. I don't mind the oranges and reds and yellows of the trees, and I actually love all things pumpkin. But I hate saying goodbye to grilling in my bathing suit, and bare feet...oh I love bare feet.

Margaret has been looking at wedding dresses! She looks lovely in all of them, but the princess-y ones are darling. She came out in one that made me tear up, it was so lovely. It was more dignified, more modest, more old-fashioned...she hasn't made up her mind yet. They don't have a firm date for the wedding yet, but are thinking in December.

Oh, Paul fixed my's still temperamental, if the screen isn't tilted the right way it goes gray, it's already been replaced a while ago, but he simply took off a broken piece of plastic, and voila! It works! I am not complaining. Maybe now I'll get more regular at blogging.....:)


Anonymous said...

....I hope so, miss your daily posts about your days!
Camille is a hoot ;))

Kanadiangirl said...

Yes, I miss your blogging very much. Haven't found another blog that I love as much as yours. Not even close!

Sun Azz said...

Me too :-)