summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, September 23, 2016

della does nothing, episode #99

Here I am doing what I do best, nothing. But wait, there are some things on my agenda for today, and in no particular order...

1. Make a doctor's appointment or got to urgent care for this awful pain after peeing...I think it's a bladder infection, but goggle has me worried, ha.

2. Answer all the texts about the kitten that I am giving away...and make the decision to give away the last kitten too, even though the kids love him and want to keep him.

3. Pick two girls up early from school.

4. Get half and half for the coffee, plus get more coffee, plus some bread and bananas, dog chow, and and and.

5. I was asked to make chocolate chip cookies for a church thing Sunday.

6. Tomorrow, wedding dress shopping.

7. I lost my glasses. My old trusty glasses, that hardly worked anymore...they're gone. I don't get new ones through insurance for two years, so I HAVE to go buy some from Walmart or somewhere, because I cannot see. (We went to Target last evening, and I had to have the girls read the tags for me)

Sunny the puppy went to the vet yesterday, she was fifteen pounds. She is has to go again in a few weeks to get all those puppy shots in. Duke and Suri go in next week for checkups...and we have lots of dentist appointments coming up.

Little Miss Lydia was here yesterday afternoon. We filled the little pool for her in the front yard, and she loved it. She chatters and repeats words already, and is SO adorable.

And Sonja got Lydia to sleep....

There is a load of clean laundry in the chair, waiting to be put away. I always put it away as I do it, but when the older kids do their own laundry, they just move what's in their way.

I have accomplished something major this morning, dinner is in the crockpot! There's nothing quite like KNOWING WHAT'S FOR DINNER before like five or six o'clock in the evening. Oh it's a good feeling. Beef, carrots, onions, and potatoes. I tossed the potato chunks in olive oil and salt and pepper before adding them to the top, maybe they won't turn black this time.

It's a chilly autumn day, a proper cozy day. The kind of day for sitting around blogging and drinking pumpkin spice coffee. Not the sort of day for calling the doctor, ain't nobody got time for that.

But I have procrastinated long enough, drinking tons of water, taking cranberry supplements, and still, ouch. So...wah, I hate making dr. appointments.


Marilyn Reid said...

Little Miss Lydia is just a dolly, but you know that already 💖 She is at the inquisitive stage. I LOVE little babies.....they don't stay little long enough do they? You are the second person I've heard in the last two days who thinks they have a bladder infection. I hope you feel better soon. You are still getting nice warm days there. We have sunshine today, but wind 😬 All the leaves are blowing off the trees and swirling down the street and it's only 48F here at the moment 😬 Enjoy the last of your warm days.......we all know what follows!!

Marilyn from Canada

Anonymous said...

So your glasses. Are you near sighted? I think I need to go in. I haven't jumped the bifocal ship yet but I think I need to. I think my near sightedness has changed a bit too. I was wondering if that is strange for my age. 46. Julie

16 blessings'mom said...

Marilyn,I wasn't feeling well last week (bladder infection), had a low grade fever, and the warm days were just too warm. With the pool not closed, the hot sunshine just seemed too much, and I found myself longing for the crisper days...then ha, when I walked out of the store the other day and it was actually chilly, ouch! My feet are actually cold right now, and I had forgotten all about how that is...:)
And Julie, yes, I'm nearsighted. My far away vision is great, but up close has gotten progressively worse, and I hate relying on glasses that I tend to lose. My teenage daughters keep threatening me with a glasses chain, but that's for OLD people! I am not old people, I am just who got a little older. (I'm 51).