summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

never a dull moment #9,561

Emily was headed to class this morning....the sun was rising in the sky...the car in front of her for Emily stopped too...but the lady behind Em didn't stop, not until she smashed Emily right into the car in front of Em. Thankfully, no one was injured...except for the poor little Suzuki, the car that was just paid off. So...she texted me, and I did the Mom Thing, you know, soared right into PANIC...she called me and assured me she was okay, in the background at the accident scene, I heard someone asking if they were sure no one needed an ambulance, and thank God they didn't. A car is a car, and it's not fun when you lose money, when you have to rent or borrow to get to work, but hey, she's alive and well, so I am happy this fine autumn morning. Yes, I had to get out of my comfy chair and hurry into the van to go pick Emily up, (always keep that hair washed!)...she decided to stay home today, instead of borrowing our van and heading to class late. I think there's something to be said for resting up and mentally taking a break after having a traumatic accident. (May I also mention that I am thankful that the accident wasn't Emily's fault? The lady behind her was ticketed, and it made me feel evil that I was happy Em didn't get ticketed.)

So today is gymnastics class, and activity club for the little kids. The girls are getting some's slightly crisp and chilly this morning, so we have a vanilla scented candle burning on the coffee table and they are going to eat breakfast in the living room wrapped in blankies, did I mention that I love homeschooling?

Then...a little bit of math, more spelling words, some grammar...then out to gymnastics.

While two of the girls were at the dentist for cleanings, Charlotte Claire, Camille, and I went for a walk down the sidewalk downtown, and visited a furniture store. They love doing things like that, but I felt bad for the hopeful saleslady because we were totally wasting her time. I am not about to spend $800 for a new couch, not when we got our leather sofa for $42 at the thrift store (it was $49 but I had a coupon, ha.) I looked on craigslist and wow, one can score a nice couch on there for not very much. I would like to get rid of the red plaid couch and chair, because replacing them would be cheaper and easier than recovering them...I have no patience for all that measuring and sewing. Anyway.

Kathryn is heading over to Emily's house to scan some documents, Jon is going with her and taking Sunny, to bring some sunshine and joy to Emily for a few minutes, ha.

Anyway, yesterday we went to Kohl's after the dentist, to look for dresses...for the little girls, for the big girls, for me. We didn't find any, but we found lots of other things, of course. I had a 30% off coupon, plus a ten dollar coupon, then ended up with Kohl's cash...I got a skirt for less than four dollars. I also got lovely little shirts for the little girls and one for their cousin Dani, the same shirts with different prints, they love that sort of thing. A quick stop at Aldi for basics like bananas and cashews and eggs and milk, then home...home at six o-clock with no idea what's for dinner, Bad Mom. The kids had to leave for their meeting, so I cooked up some hot sausage with red onions, and steamed some broccoli...then cut up some cheese and served it with crackers and pepperoni and sliced cucumbers, a quick and easy dinner...phew.

And school needs to begin....bye for now. (btw, I did walk yesterday, but didn't yet this morning...I was slightly busy!)


JazzyMae said...

So sorry for your daughters accident. Remember, always , always the person who hits from behind's fault!! Just means they are not paying attention to the driver in front of them.
Sun or no sun, its what it is. I remember my dad's car door was hit off and he thought it was the driver who hit him fault.... nope... my dads door was open to get out and therefore his fault... never knew that! Go figure...
Glad no one was hurt.

:) enjoy the day!

Marilyn Reid said...

Oh Della..........that is so awful, but no one was hurt thank goodness. Yes it's always the person in behind who is at fault. Her insurance should pay for a vehicle for your daughter. Same thing happened to my husband....bashed from behind and the guys insurance had to pay for a rental vehicle. Check that out. A good quick super is a crustless it.......tons of recipes and a great way to use up any left over veggies etc and quick to make 🤗 I always have eggs.......except today.........have to grab some at the store today. You have a great day!!

Marilyn from Canada

Carol Slater said...

My daughter just had to replace her car because of a lady hitting her. She was stopped and the lady turned into her. She now has a Ford Escape and seems to love it!!

Martha said...

Well, that's no fun. One of my kids just lost a car too. It was their fault but no one was hurt and the insurance company picked up the tab. Just one of the lessons life hands out. So glad Emily and everyone else was okay. (Yes, keep that hair clean!)

momto9 said...

phew good thing she is okay!!! Crazy! I bet your stomach jumped into a knot!