summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

today's the day!!!

Am I the only one who gets into bed at night and starts in on the things I'm going to do better tomorrow? From exercise to being more patient, tomorrow is always going to go better than today was. I am just so hopeful. This morning however, I it occurred to me is last night's tomorrow. Today's the day! soon as I'm finished here, I am going on a morning walk...:)

Here are the things going on at our house:

Everything and nothing. Kathryn and I went to Walmart yesterday with the three younger kids, she needed a charger for her iPod. As they browsed in the electronics, I meandered over to the fabric section, where I had to restrain myself. I knew if I bought fabric for new living room curtains, I would be cutting them out as soon as we got home, and there are other things going on right now...but I found some really nice Waverly fabrics there, and I have big ideas. If I were rich, I would just hire people to do all of my big ideas, but would that really make me happy? yes, ha, yes.

Our second stop yesterday was the big craft store. My girls had a blast in there! I bought them a five pack of canvasses so they can paint, a few mason jars because they have ideas for them...I bought fall flowers, some feathers for Joseph's activity club (they are going to make teepees in the woods and eat berries and have a fire and be Native Americans). The craft store is WAY TOO MUCH FUN.

Then...we were heading home because Joseph had to have the van to bring some friends from Seattle to the airport...when I remembered I had this really good coupon for twenty dollars off a forty dollar purchase at a clothes store in the same plaza we were in...and it was expiring in we went. Three dollar shirts, even a few for Jonathan, some nice headbands, a dress for Kathryn...all for $25. Nothing for me, but it was fun, and Kathryn enjoyed it. Back into the van and towards home...not even a drink from McDonalds or a coffee, because Joseph had to get those kids to the airport on time...Jonathan said, "This was probably the worst outing I have ever been on." ha, poor Jon. But we'll do things that are more fun for him.

This afternoon two of the girls have dentist appointments. Kathryn can drive now, so she's picking Evelyn up from school and taking her. The puppy goes to the vet on Thursday. I want to go to Kohl's and see if I can find a dress for the wedding, for me. I found one online that I love, but I don't think it will fit me, wah. If I could rewind the days, I would make my lazy arse get out the door every day for that walk, puppy and busy or not.

Yes, I have ideas. But the days are full of those little things...yesterday afternoon, for example, little Lydia came over, because her mama had a twelve hour night shift to work at the hospital. Lydia is all about movement. She likes to explore and toddle around finding little things to eat. She needs two eyes on her at all times. And she's cute, oh is she cute. She talks all sorts of nonsense, then looks at me and gives me the biggest smile, all dimples and shininess. Sunny was better with her this time, she seems to understand that Lydia is little.

For dinner last night, Joseph made two low carb pizzas, crust made of cream cheese and mozzarella with almond flour and eggs. It's pretty good. I made several mini zucchini pizzas, and some buffalo chicken from the leftover crockpot chicken. Kathryn went to a Norwegian lesson, three of the other girls went to dinner with one of their friends, and Emily came to visit. Marge and I looked at dresses online for the little girls... is supposed to start at nine, but I am going to take off for a quick walk.

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