summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, September 26, 2016

this day went by too fast....

I know, not many people say that about a Monday, but it was a lovely day. Pumpkin spice coffee was made for a morning like today, dark and chilly with the wind blowing. After cleaning up a little around here and tackling some school with the kids, I decided to do a big project: clean my room, thoroughly! I sorted through clothes, did you know I had lots and lots of clothes? I am a saver, a keeper, which sounds a tad bit more sane than "hoarder". I am actually more of a collector, ha. I didn't have much growing up, that's my excuse. Or maybe I just save things "in case". You know, in case I get really skinny, or in case I gain back the weight I lost. But today, I talked to myself as I sorted. I said, "You don't need to save these small skinny jeans. If you lose tentwenty pounds, you can buy more. You don't have to save ANY of the big clothes, because you ain't gonna ever go there again. Ever. And this stuff you haven't worn in so long, just ditch it! Life is easier with less stuff, just ditch it!!!

So I listened to myself and I ditched. I set aside bags of clothes for the thrift store (lots of things still had tags on them, from both regular stores AND the thrift store...)

I threw out things that were older, stained, ect., and oh dear, it felt good. I went through all of my dresser drawers, and pulled the old 2X skirts from the closet...I vacuumed and washed the stuff I decided to keep. And...I got rid of the old lavender pram...wah. I have pictures of it, but don't want to put them on Paul's computer. It was hard to say goodbye to it, I had it from the time my fifth child was a baby, little Joseph Michael...twelve babies slept in that pram. One could safely say that I loved it.

But, no one would want to put a baby in it anymore...the inside was cracked and tearing, it was stained and musty and aged. So I let the kids have it to make a go cart. They are having a blast. Jonathan has a bicycle in his room, taking it apart to try to put pedals on the pram. Far be it from me to discourage them, who knows, it might turn out really cool. Their excitement is fun, and I'm glad they are enjoying it, it makes it easier than just trashing it.

I realized that they hardly ever watch television in the afternoons. Of course they don't during school days, unless someone is sick or something like that. They keep busy though.

I had chicken marinating in the refrigerator, I had put it in a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, and Jamaican Jerk spices. Kathryn put it in the oven for me as I finished up my room. Then Paul came home from work and made a really good salad. So dinner was delicious.

Anyway. Tomorrow morning I have to have Kathryn to the dentist by nine o'clock. I don't mind getting going early, I just don't like missing out on the lazy morning sipping the coffee, ha. It's supposed to be a nice sunny day tomorrow, actually...right now it's raining.

And...I am tired....goodnight.


Lisa said...

Doesn't it feel so good to just let go of the junk (that we can only see as treasures,but face it, its junk) and pass the good stuff on to someone who could use it?? I love it!! I did foster care for over a decade and had quite a clothes system going - about 40 rubbermaid tubs all labeled for kids clothes in every size imaginable from newborn to mens small - all organized by sex and size and stacked on shelves in my garage. After we turned in our license, I really purged the boxes, keeping everything I needed for the 10 kids I had at home, but losing the items that were too small/outdated for anyone here. It was a gradual process, but I felt good being able to pass things on or donate them to the thrift store. I had lots of things get ruined in storage over the years and finally realized that I had to let go to bless someone else or eventually have to send everything to the dump - which felt terrible! Our big farmhouse, which used to be packed to the rafters with kids and stuff is really starting to show some space - which is happy and sad. There are days when I wouldn't care a bit if I had to move 25 things in the closet to get to what I needed - if only they were still all little again :)

Marilyn Reid said...

I am really bad when it comes to purging I have to say. I have shelves in the basement that have household bowls, casserole dishes, serving bowls and dishes etc. Tons of them many of these does one need! After reading your blog I have decided that a purge is necessary so after my coffee this afternoon I'm going down there to gave a go. I do this from time to time and get rid of 3 things 😜 I'm even worse with clothes. I always think I will wear whatever it is, but deep in my heart I know I won't, but still keep it. Silly isn't it? I did have a go with the clothes a few weeks ago and got rid of a few things. I find it is easier to do it more often and get rid of a few things than to a big purge. I'm not good at that........Good for you though. Oh we have all sorts of kids toys down there too so really, those do gave to go I think. Then again maybe we will have great grandchildren one day!!
Have a good day......

Marilyn from Canada