summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

real people, fat people, happy people...

Okay, I have been looking around for a nice dress to wear to Margaret's and Adrian's wedding. I tried a few on, and let's just say I should have had a drink first. So I sit in my comfy chair and scroll through the lovely mother-of-the-bride dresses online, and they look so nice! Because those ladies are not truly size 18. They don't have tummies that hang over their thigh-tops. They don't have love handles, or back fat. They don't have upper arms that resemble small thighs, only with more jiggle. They can actually wear high heels on their tiny little feet.

I would like to see, for once, REAL people in these clothes. No one would buy them, of course, but it would be nice to see....I would click on the back view and see rolls, thus being able to imagine myself in it.

So my dream dress would be gray or silvery, mature and demure, flowing softly over my tummy, covering my arms in delicate lace...and my dream price would be clearance rack, preferably %50 off the lowest price. I am not that picky, honestly, but I am not buying a peach or magenta dress just because they're cheap. It would just be really fun to find something fantastic at say...the thrift store.

Yesterday, Jonathan wasn't feeling well, so I went out and about with just Char and Cam. We went to Walmart for paint samples, and a can of white paint for window trim. We got sandpaper and a few paintbrushes, and a bag of beef jerky to snack on. Then to the fabric store, oh we love that place. I let them pick out a few things to put away for Christmas, and they helped me choose fabric for new living room valances and throw pillows.

Then home for a nice afternoon...I grilled chicken, made rice, and Sonja made a salad.

And now, I have a sewing machine that I want to drag out and set up, and painting I want to start...but this afternoon is gymnastics class...and tomorrow another trip to the small city for a dr. appointment, then back there again on Friday...but in between, I'm sure I can fit it in.

And now, before I change the laundry over, we shall do some school....


JazzyMae said...

You are so critical of yourself. You are actually very beautiful! All your pics through out the summer your skin just glowed. You have a nice firm neck, too! I know it sounds funny but my goodness, pick out the wonderful things about yourself.
I go back to my sister. Her daughter was getting married and she wanted to wear something that just wouldn't show her body. The pics were taken and she saw one... not that she was glowing and celebrating her daughter's wedding, but that she saw her stomach roll through the dress... no one else saw it. All the comments were how wonderful she looked Her hair was gorgeous, her skin was perfect and that dress flowed gorgeously on her! NOPE< she only saw ugly!
And so , moving forward she had to have gastric bypass surgery. And she almost died.. twice! In a induce coma ... and just the other day I saw her. Yes, she's gained weight... but I asked.. "are you happy?"
And her response was " If I could go back and be the way I was enjoying life again I would do it in a heart beat".... "she said // "I'm miserable"...
So long story cut a bit short... enjoy YOU! pick out a dress that goes with your hair and your complexion and you will look radiant!
P.S. sorry If I've told this story before... :)

Mary Kate said...

You should take a look at! I have lots of friends (of all sizes and shapes!) who've used them with great results. Basically, they custom fit/design a dress for you online at a very reasonable cost.
Congrats on the wedding!!!

momto9 said...

what a cute little fur baby in your lap:) I agree the ladies shown are perfect. Its not fair cause its hard to imagine what the dresses would actually look like in real life!

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing you...and surely so do most real women. No fair!


16 blessings'mom said...

JazzyMae, thank you. I am sorry for all that your sister has gone through, it's a difficult time we live in...on one hand, there's a wealth of goodies available everywhere we go, everything we do...full of calories and of no nutritional value, but it tastes good, and we're hungry! Then we're barraged by media which is full of thin women, and told how obese America is. And we're still hungry! We have to eat! And we're busy! And the worst part is, when one lose lots of weight, it goes back on much easier when one gets sidetracked and isn't careful. Thank you for pointing out the silliness of being obsessed with a few fat rolls...I don't want it to steal the joy of the occasion, and I have to grow up and be a good example to my girls...I have five insecure teenage daughters who don't see their loveliness, they see the one pimple, or the "bad hair day"....
MaryKate, I checked out that site, and it looks promising, and not terribly expensive, thank you!
Tereza, don't let this puppy's cuteness fool you. She's a handful and a half. We love her though..:)