summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Saturday, October 1, 2016

the hospital, the vet, the doctor, and staying happy....

First, the hospital: I stayed the night last night...had to go to the Emergency room because my heart was a-pounding, too hard, skipping and making me feel awful. It's hard to distinguish what's caused by anxiety because that vicious circle of panic, which causes some lightheadedness and dizziness...this palpitation stuff has been hitting me on and off this past week, and since nothing has changed in my life except for the prescription for Cipro, I googled the heck out of Cipro, and guess what? Some people have adverse reactions...really serious adverse reactions, including palpitations, shakiness, ect. The doctor at the E.R. did concede that Cipro can cause changes in the electromagnetic waves in the heart, but wanted to be positive that it wasn't something else...he suspected a possible blood clot in the lung because of a blood test that showed I had to have a CT scan, plus a chest x-ray, three EKGs, three rounds of bloodwork...overkill. Absolute overkill. But, since I went in, I was subject to it all...Emily accompanied me, and we agreed that if I didn't do what they strongly suggested, which was to spend the night to be monitored, I may be classified as going against medical advice, which means insurance won't cover....our insurance is awful anyway, nothing makes your heart pound like thinking of the bill, ha.

Anyway. Never a dull moment. I had a nice peaceful night being poked and prodded, all by my lonesome in a big cold hospital.

And I'm tired, but I do feel better now, and I won't be taking Cipro again if I can help it.

And, we took these two dogs to the vet this past week. Duke has a bum paw, swollen and sore...where a fatty tumor was removed last year, some smaller lumps grew back, and he won't leave it alone. We put a cone on him so he can't reach it, but it hasn't healed up...and he's 11, too old for more surgery...but still. So he's on doggy antibiotics, with some spray to help it heal up too, and then some supplements...he had to have some bloodwork so we can try some doggy ibuprofen for his advanced doggy arthritis...okay? The vets says he's a very healthy old man, except for his paw and his arthritis. Ahem. Then just a check up for Suri, regular vaccines for Lyme disease and distemper, and more heartworm meds. I will not say how much this visit cost, only that I don't know what mortified me more, the grand total, or the fact that I accidentally walked across the animal scale in the waiting room, displaying my lovely weight for the whole waiting room full of people. One lady smiled big at me, to show me that I'm not really that fat, and that she feels my pain, ha. No wonder I've had palpitations.

Suzanne and Sonja were picked up early from school one day for a well-child appointment. We had a little bit of fun doing selfies while waiting for the pediatrician.

And staying happy...this is Suzanne with little Lydia, Mali's baby girl...:)

And happy happy, Emily got a new car! She also got a new car payment, but oh well.

And a little bit sadness...I finally, after 25 years of owning this lovely lavender Norwegian Simo pram, let it go. Paul brought this home for me when Joseph was a baby...Aaron, Mali, Samuel, Margaret, Kathryn, Evelyn, Suzanne, Sonja, Jonathan, Charlotte Claire, and Camille spent their newborn weeks sleeping in this carriage. got old. It got musty and torn, it got old. I looked at the inside of it know, putting aside the sentimental love for it, and I decided that I wouldn't want to put a nice clean newborn baby in it anymore. So...I gave it to the kids. They spent a few days taking pedals off of old bikes, and trying to put them on this, no doubt envisioning a cool go cart, but ha, it didn't work.

Anyway. Life is busy. But it's a good life.


Carol Slater said...

Take care of yourself and enjoy this crazy life. I hate to see you have to get rid of such a beautiful baby carriage, but there comes the time that things must go.

Anonymous said...

Oh my.... i had a fright reading that! I hope you stay better now!
But haha about the scale...that's something I would do.. Thanks for sharing, always love your honesty.
Gorgeous photo of you and the 2 pretty girls!


Sun Azz said...

Wow that must have been a scary night! Am glad it turned out to be nothing serious :-)

Marilyn Reid said...

Oooooo........I'm sorry you had to spend a scary night in hospital 😥 but glad you are ok now. Some of these drugs are good for some things, not always without side effects. Cipro is very strong and works, but had consequences for you unfortunately. Poor old Duke. I hope his meds help his poor sore paw. We all love our furry babies.....💗 Della you are so funny.........I can imagine your horror walking across the scale at the vet........oh my....I really laughed I had to say!! I would have been mortified too If I had done that. Funny though eh? Little Lydia a gorgous. What a little dolly she is. Well I have to get up off this couch and wash the floor. My husband is vacuuming for me......bless his heart! We had so much rain yesterday and with the dogs running in and out, the floor looks like a stampede of elephants came through. You have a great day and I hope you are feeling better now.

Marilyn from Canada

Susan R said...

I am happy that you are OK Della.
I laughed so hard about you being weighed for all to see at the animal clinic. YOu do not take yourself too seriously and that is a good thing!
Emily's new car is beautiful.

Michelle in Florida said...

I'm so glad your ER visit was nothing serious. I ended up in the ER too after taking abx (can't remember if it was Cipro or another kind...she gave me 2 choices and I picked the cheaper one) for a UTI. I had a migraine and vomiting, which may or may not have been caused by the abx. Anyway, I cracked up about the vet your sense of humor! :)