summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, October 20, 2016

when it rains it pours....

And it's pouring...puppy doesn't like the rain, she whines and wants to go back in instead of doing her business...

It was also raining when the refrigerator guys came. They were super nice, and so careful not to smash into any walls. They had to take the front door right off it's hinges to fit it through, and it was very funny...the one guy kept measuring and saying it all measured right, it SHOULD fit through...the other guy kept saying, "Yeah, but them angles, you can't measure angles." Oh dear, they were nice. I'm not sure the protocol of tipping appliance delivery guys, but it took them a while, and they kept their smiles the whole while, so I just tipped them. There's no way in this world they can possible make enough money at that job to compensate for what they have to do.

This afternoon, Evelyn Joy, Joseph, and I headed toward the airport to pick up Emily's car. She parked it in long-term parking, and flew out to Seattle to visit Benjamin. I was going to just drive her to the airport at four this morning, but asked her to just leave the car there, and I would pick it up later...because ugh. sleep, you know. So anyway....we stopped at her house first and got the keys...Joseph grabbed the wrong keys...the ones for her Suzuki, which is gone and buried, not for the new Subaru. We did not realize this until he dropped us off and drove away. He does not have a phone, so we were left standing there outside of Emily's nice orange car....

(We wondered why the horn didn't honk and the lights didn't flash when Ev pushed the buttons on the keyfob...) wrong keys.

So, we called Abigail, she got the right keys and brought them to us.

We then went to the grocery store to get milk, now that our new refrigerator is nice and cold and the milk won't spoil. We also got ingredients to make yummy meals this weekend...yay, we are picking Samuel up from his base in D.C./Arlington, and going to Shenandoah! Mirielle rented a nice resort condo that sleeps 8, so we can fit just a few more...two little girls on the floor, not too crowded.

We plan to make chili and cornbread on Saturday evening...the place has a nice fireplace, and the weather will be crisp and chilly. Sam is really up for some home cooking, after eating at the "mess hall" (chow hall?).

We are leaving first thing in the morning, leaving Joseph here with the puppies and the kitties.

I hope the rain stops, sharing the road with tractor trailers in the rain is not my favorite.

But you know what IS my favorite? Traveling...driving in the van for hours with lots of the kids...seriously. I love it. I love stopping at different places, seeing new things, and I have never been to the part of Virginia we are going to. I can't wait to see Sam! It's funny because Em is out with Ben and Ashley and little Anya, Paul is in India, and we are going to D.C./Virginia. And Aaron is all the way out in California, I miss him more than a little bit. And Grandma is back in Florida...

The teenage girls are excited for this little trip. They love their brother Sam. To see them together is just such a good thing. was a good day. Puppy sneaked into the little girls' room and pooped, and peed on the laundry room floor...did I mention she doesn't like the rain? She is very perfect, but needs much work on her housetraining. ugh.

And now I have to go pack before the clock strikes midnight...because I'm tired.

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Martha said...

It can stop raining any time now.I don't mind at all.