summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, October 3, 2016

the way things really are....

No hair cut, just a messy clip...but when I looked at this picture, I thought maybe it's time for a change, maybe I SHOULD cut the hair...after all, I AM old...ha.

There is a puppy sleeping on my lap, redeeming herself of all the bad things she has done. After she wears herself out in the morning, if I am sitting here in my comfy chair with a cup of pumpkin spice coffee, she comes over and whines, and she has the puppiest dog eyes I scoop her up, she settles in, and takes a little snooze. She likes to do this in the evenings too, I sort of wish she would stay this size.

She did not poop nor pee in the house during the night or this morning, yay. I took her out twice this morning, the first time we stayed out for a long time, the second time it was raining, and we got soaked because genius that I am, I went out without a jacket, not realizing it was actually raining until we stepped out the door. She has no jacket, and she got wet. So we are both chilled, and warming each other up.

We had a soccer tournament this weekend, our kids' team came in was fun to see them advance to the finals. We brought Sunny with us, she likes the kids, and is a bit shy, so it's good to socialize her.

Some of the kids really really like Sunny.

Suzanne is hugging Davian in this pic, Charlotte Claire kneeling down to see Sunny...

And Mr. Jonathan, out on the field...:)

Yesterday was spent in the kitchen. I made zucchini lasagna, and some with pasta, and zucchini/banana muffins, a triple batch. Suzanne helped me, and it was very pleasant.

So...I am thinking of painting my living room a very pale gray, and painting the trim around the windows white. They are the original stained wood now, and I like them, but am thinking of how bright and clean it would look with them white..the new windows are white, and it looks a little funny. The ceiling hasn't been painted since we built the house back in 1991-1992. So...I am thinking of having a work day teenagers are really helpful, but will surely run out of steam and want to be done, but between all of us, we can do it all in one day. I am going to start sanding the trim, wiping it down, and maybe getting that done ahead of time. Part of me says to just leave it all alone, it's fine, it's costly and so much work, but then I can envision how clean and bright it will be, and it drives me to start the project. And new valances, I can just picture them...:)

Paul is going to India in a few weeks for a few weeks. Besides my trip to D.C./Shenandoah Park in a few weeks to visit soldier Sam, I don't have any travel plans.

Anyway, I WAS all comfy in my chair with puppy on my lap, then Suri came barging in...she sleeps in Joseph's room, and he lets her out in the morning...and then she needs to go outside...which means Sunny wants to go, which means I have to out into the rain I went for the third time today, with the three dogs, and the mama kitty, who is a follower, she thinks she is a puppy too, and all around the yard she went with us, me looking for my phone which had slid out of my pocket...I didn't find it until we got back into the house and I called it with the house phone, it was on the living room floor.

Suri had her breakfast, which meant I had to give Duke and Sunny just a small bit too, then a chew bone for all three, and now hopefully Sunny will settle down again. Puppies have to be watched every minute they're awake, or they'll destroy a house, ha.

(this is Suzanne with Little Orange Guy, the kitten they want to keep...the last one of the six. I don't really want another cat, but Sunny plays with Little Orange Guy, and he IS cute...)

Our plans for this week include going to a park near Abigail's work so she can meet us for lunch, bringing the puppies, of course. Sonja has physical therapy twice, and two dr. appointments. I need to go to Lowe's and get supplies for my projects.

And of course, school. My three youngest children are worn right out from the weekend. They had the best time at the soccer tournament, and then there was a youth meeting in the evening...Char and Cam are only 10 and almost 9, but I let them stay for it, and they loved it.

Rainy Mondays are the best. I wonder if I could declare it a Reading Day, and we could all just settle down with cocoa and our library books...hmmm.


Marilyn Reid said...

I think your hair us beautiful! Thick and curly........and such a lovely colour. You are NOT old by the way........I'm the one who's old 😬 Puppies are so cuddly and we used to pick ours up onto our laps when they were little until one day they were just too big to fit in the chair anymore. So what they do now is put their front legs up and sort of lie across our lap, but the back feet are on the floor. Hudson is 85lbs and he's even heavy for that, but we let him do it. Bindi is such a snuggle bum she comes up for a cuddle several times a day. I love it too. The colour you have chosen for your living room sounds lovely! Yes if everyone had a go it would only take a day, especially if you have it all prepped. Doing the trim is the fiddly part and seems to take the longest. BTW when did Jonathan get so tall!! I have 2 tall grandsons........they are both 6'5". is 16 and one is 18. I look like I'm standing in a hole beside them (I'm 5'2") 😂😂😂 Have a great day!!

Marilyn from Canada.

Susan R said...

Your hair is so beautiful, I hope you do not cut it!