summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, December 8, 2016

festivities, gatherings, fun, and family....and a haircut!

I finally did it. I got a haircut at a hair salon, first time in my life. I debated whether to make the appointment, or to just get the scissors like I usually do, and trim it here and there. My sister-in-law Kim and I were going out and about, Kim is even busier than I am, she started a LulaRoe business, and babysits grand kids on a regular basis, has 12 kids, homeschools some of them, ect. So I decided to surprise her, and make the appointment for the both of us, and didn't tell her until we were in the plaza where the haircut place was.

I didn't get a picture of her haircut, but she looks adorable! No more long ponytail!

And, granddaughters!!!! Anya from far away, and little Lydia, sweet cousins.

Anya and Lydia...are they scrumptious or what? And let me brag for a minute or two...Miss Anya just turned three, she knows those letters, she knows their sounds, she's a smart cookie. Lydia is smart too, she knows how to put those letters in the dog water bowl to get them all clean. She also chatters and says, "Wow!", claps her hands and stomps her feet when I sing, "When you're happy and you know it..." They kept us busy and entertained last evening. Sunny was a royal pain in the neck, stealing Anya's cheese stick, trying to steal Puffs from Lydia...she's gentle with them, though.

So the wedding is happening the day after tomorrow!!! It crept and sneeked right up on me! Emily and I are going out to buy the food today, and all the little odds and ends. We have fantastic friends helping with set up and decorating and will prepare and serve the food, as well as clean up. In lieu of a wedding cake, Margaret and Adrian chose donuts. Yes, donuts. The ultimate food, the best yummy on earth. And, they ordered them from the little Greek bakery in the town I was raised in, the bakery I used to get things for my dad when he was so sick with leukemia. The bakery that is foremost in my mind when I have to pick someone up from the airport, because it's right in that town. Once I asked the girl working there if it still smelled heavenly to her, working there for so long. She said it did. I think heaven will smell like this bakery. Anyway, the happy couple ordered 204 donuts, and I ordered the fresh bread for the tables from there, which will all be baked on Saturday morning. So ha, even if nothing else comes out good, we will have donuts.

So I am super excited. Ashley is in town with little Anya, Benjamin is flying in on Saturday morning. Soldier Samuel from D.C. is coming tomorrow (yay!!!). We're having a gathering tomorrow night here, with pizza from the place in town. I keep thinking of all the meals I COULD make for a large group of people, then I slap myself silly, and keep the pizza idea. This very morning, I had to slap myself because I almost started a batch of cut-out sugar cookies, you know, Christmas cookies. I thought I could get them almost done before the shopping trip. But thankfully, the lazy voice in my head chimed in. Between cleaning up the house in the morning, taking the dogs out a million times, and having a chance to sit here and blog, clearing my head and straightening out my thoughts, I don't have time to bake cookies.

Kids are up, and my day is getting bye for now.


Susan R said...

Oh Della your hair is GORGEOUS!!
I love the donut idea in lieu of a wedding cake. I am very happy for you and your famil!

Carol Slater said...

It sounds like a nice gesture to make appointments for you and her. I am sure she was surprised. I am glad you done something for yourself.
I am sure the wedding will go off without a hitch. I like the donut idea! My daughter is possibly getting married next fall. We will see.

16 blessings'mom said...

Thank you Susan:) Carol, it was really fun to surprise her. The donut idea wasn't thrilling to me at first, but it's not my wedding:), and now I'm fine with it...I mean, donuts ARE good.

Marilyn Reid said...

Your hair is really lovely Della 🤗So are those two little granddaughters...........adorable. Donuts are just a fabulous idea and unique too. I heard on the news today that Buffalo is getting 2 feet of snow!!!! Oh I hope you are nowhere near awful!! We are having VERY COLD weather. On Tuesday they are predicting with the wind chill it will be -40 C and I think that is about -40F too. Close.....😩😩 I'm hoping this settles down by Christmas. Our dogs need a walk, but it's too cold. We'll have a super weekend!!!!

Marilyn from Canada

Michelle in Florida said...

Mmm....donuts! I think that's a great idea for a wedding! I hope you all enjoy your time together, and congrats to the bride and groom! Also, your hair looks fabulous:)