summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Saturday, December 17, 2016

it's beginning to look a lot like....

Can you see Sunny? This was taken the other night when it was starting to "blizzard".

This was taken from the window, when the snow just started.

Suri...just because...because she's cute.


Miss Cam and Miss Char at their gymnastics open house the other day.

I love/hate winter. It's SO cozy in the house, all the lights and the little fake fireplace, with it's convincing fake flames, the fuzzy couch blankets, the dogs snoring, hot coffee...but I HATE driving in it, and I hate having my family drive in it. This morning, there is a basketball game in the city. Evelyn called from the vehicle she was in, with Kathryn and Emily and Mirielle...and told me to tell Paul not to go, the weather was horrible, Mirielle had to pull over on the Thruway because she couldn't see. Paul went anyway, he and Joseph and Samuel are all signed up to work, so they went. I am here with Suzanne and Sonja K. and Jonathan and Char and Cam...and trying not to worry. I have texted the girls, they made it there all right, but Paul hasn't gotten there yet. Maybe they just forgot to text me.

I plan to stay home today. They took the good van, the one with the new tires, so I'm here, and it's kind of nice. Yesterday, I baked three pumpkin pies and a lemon pie. And with those pies went my all-day-good-behavior streak, as far as clean eating. We had a nice ham dinner, and well, pie...with fresh, flaky butter crust...whipped cream with no sugar (I love unsweetened whipped cream, fresh from the Kitchen-Aid) (there was sweet canned stuff for those who like that better)...and now, breakfast is going to be...yeah, pie. I LOVE pumpkin pie for breakfast.

Charlotte Claire is the only child up this fine snowy morning. I just offered her a cup of hot tea and a slice of pie, she's watching Saturday morning cartoons...she said, "YES!"

So off I go...


Marilyn Reid said...

Pie for breakfast is just the best, especially pumpkin and whipped cream!! Mind you I can't eat it anymore now I have found out I'm gluten intolerant đŸ˜« Oh well........ Yes, driving in a blizzard is awful and a worry when your family is out in it. We haven't really had too much snow here, but very, very cold. There is a weather warning here. We are under an artic blanket .....and this morning it is -25C and I see there is a breeze so it's colder than that even đŸ’¨Brrrrrrrrrr.........thank goodness for central heating and a lovely warm house is all I can say. Your tree looks lovely đŸ¤— Have a great day!

Marilyn from Canada

momto9 said...

sunny blends right in with that teddy bear rug:):) In BC we have mild winters but recently had a big dumping of snow and driving in it was tricky thats for sure! (its all melting now) It sure was beautiful though!