summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, December 12, 2016

wedding!!!! winter wonderland! (pictures)

Margaret and Adrian were married...

with the two little granddaughters, Miss Anya and Miss Lydia...

Emily with Camille and Charlotte Claire...

Paul and I...he kept saying, "One down, ten to go..." (and that's just the girls!) But honestly, we are fine either way...they don't have to get married to make us happy...but this WAS one happy day.

Samuel with Kathryn and Sonja K.

Benjamin, Ashley, and little Anya...

Camille, Char, Lydia, and Anya...

The wedding photographer, my niece Susan, is excellent. She put out some preview pictures, the rest I haven't seen yet. Our family pictures don't have Aaron in them, as he is in California, and Mali isn't in them either, she is an RN on night shift, and has to sleep during the day...and she accidentally overslept on Saturday. I mean, it's like getting up in the middle of the night for her, I felt so bad for her.

The day went by too fast, it was really a blessed day. The food was really good, the girls did a good job in the kitchen (if you read this Becky, Erica, Kim, Bob...thank you!!!!!)
Rosemary chicken with white wine sauce, mashed red skinned potatoes with chives, and roasted butternut squash with brussel sprouts. The pre-dinner salad: mixed greens with raspberry vinaigrette, crumpled feta cheese, orange slices, craisins, and brown sugar toasted pecans (Emily did the sugaring and toasting, and they were so good!). We also had bakery fresh Italian bread, and dessert was 204 donuts, from the same bakery.

The cocoa bar!

The kids sang a song...

Sam is still in town, so we shall have a good week. Benjamin and Ashley too, although Ben leaves early Wednesday.

Samuel slept on the couch last night, so after getting up with the school girls, taking the dogs out, feeding them, ect., I grabbed my computer and a cup of coffee, and got back in bed. I mean, I don't want to disturb Sam! I just wish someone would come in here with the pot and give me a refill.


Rose Sperlonga said...

oh how be beautiful everything and everyone looked!!! I want to see more! :)

What a gorgeous family you have. You look so proud!

happy for you all

Anonymous said...

so pleased to see the pictures. glad it went smoothly. everyone looked wonderful! the bride was gorgeous!!!!

best wishes to the happy couple.


Susan R said...

Wow, I am not articulate enough to tell you how awed I am by these pictures!
What a totally beautiful bride!!
I was thinking of you with the snow, what a breathtaking background. I am sure they were not really outdoors but it does appear they were standing in snow so please to 'splain.
It looks like a completely perfect day!!

Michelle in Florida said...

I love the winter wedding pics! And your daughter is a beautiful bride. Very nice!

16 blessings'mom said...

Oh we were outdoors all right! It was well below freezing, but we trucked out to the woods, we had a few people holding coats while we had our turns in front of the camera! There are family pictures, as well as some with Paul and I with Margaret, ect., that I haven't seen yet. It was a really nice day though, and really, lots of fun going out into the woods.

Martha said...

I love your pictures!
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

momto9 said...

Beautiful picture in a wintery wonderland!! Congrats on one down ten to go:):) HA Ha!

Marilyn Reid said...

Such beautiful photos!!! I figured you were getting some of that snow. What a beautiful bride đź’–Everyone looks fabulous and your little granddaughters are just darling.....just a great family gathering! Your outfit was perfect looked smashing!! Enjoy all your family.

Marilyn from Canada

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

How beautiful!! I never knew snow could look so pretty!! Enjoy the week. :)

Jenea Mason said...

Oh my gosh! Everything is so beautiful - I just can't get over those pictures in the snow. It makes me want to get married in the winter. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Simply Gorgeous!
Enjoy the precious far-away-kids