summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, July 17, 2017

here in Boston....

Well, we all know I am married to a crazy guy. You know, the healthy type. He pours his bottled water into his metal water bottle, because it's not good to drink out of plastic, does 24 hour fasts, eats burgers without the buns, (which I also do). So we're sort of on the same page. I mean, here's my yesterday's breakfast/lunch...

Ezekial toast with crunchy almond butter and fresh picked raspberries from the back yard.

Anyway. Paul woke up early this fine morning, worked out, then took a cold shower before making his coffee with coconut oil, which may well be all he consumes until dinner time. For dinner, he either goes to the grocery store for veggies and some sort of protein, or goes to McDonalds, orders a salad and a few burgers, and...eats them without the buns.

So he's not really crazy....

And I am in Boston...he is working, right down the road...and I have the day stretched before me. I do not have a vehicle because the Check Engine light went on, on the truck, on Saturday...we didn't feel safe driving it the six or so hours from central New York to here. I can't drive the rental car he rents through work. We could rent a car for me, but I want to see how I manage without one. There IS tons of traffic here, and yeah, I don't like traffic.

So...this fine day, I am heading out on a little adventure...walking to a local lake/beach. This seems easy enough for a normal person. But I get hot. ha. And it's supposed to be in the high eighties today, like 86. And I have a blister on my toe still, so my Birkenstocks are a no-go, it has to be my sneakers. And I'm not big on wearing shorts in public so it's a jean skirt. And I forgot my beach towel, and my chair is too heavy to lug a few miles...and ouch, a few miles back, too. Have you ever seen a heavy middle aged lady heave herself daintily down on a towel at the beach, without showing "everything she owns", as my mother would put it? If I had my kids with me, I would ask them to please twirl around a little bit over there, and create a large distraction, ha. And then the whole time I'm relaxing, I'll be wondering how in the "H" I am going to get back up. Oh, the joys of having extra padding.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it's called, "There Is A Dunkin Right Next To The Beach". Yes indeed there is. I am already deciding on an iced coffee when I get there, wiping the sweat from my forehead before it drips into my eyes.

Paul and I drove there last evening, to scope it out. I didn't squeal out loud when I saw the Dunkin, I played it cool.

See, Paul doesn't think it will be "too bad a walk". ha. Ha ha ha. It will be suffering and torture, and when I get there, I will feel like I have climbed Everest. Until I start remembering I have to walk all the way back.

But, there will be sunshine on the beach, and prime people watching, and fresh air...I can't just stay in this room all day, the pool IS open here, but it's indoors. There's no place to sit outside at this hotel, it's in a huge parking lot surrounded by other huge parking lots with other hotels people can't sit outside of, and corporations and companies and other exciting places.

When I get home, things will be moving along swiftly, as per usual...Sunny has a vet appointment on Monday, Sonja has her surgery on Tuesday, and so on. Our church summer conference is coming up the first week in August, and we will be staying in our camper. I have begged and bribed the kids to clean it this week:)

But for now...for this week...although I miss the kids and the dogs...I don't miss sweeping the floors and doing laundry. I am happy to have a break. I have my food for the day: some ready cooked bacon, some sliced cucumber, a bag of whole carrots, almonds, cashews, and a pear. I won't even look at the donuts when I get my iced coffee...

Now I just have to get my lazy rear end up and going...all by my the beach.


Marilyn Reid said... do make me laugh!! 😂😂 How many miles is it to the beach? Walking there would be ok for me perhaps, but then walking back............... 😳 You are much younger than me though. You'll have to look on line and get the low down on things to see. My daughter said there's LOTS to see and do there. Enjoy!! Your breakfast looks delicious!

Marilyn from Canada

Kara Keenan said...

Don't drive in Boston, if you can avoid it! I grew up just outside of there and I refuse to drive in town. Either public transportation or Uber. Besides the awful traffic, you need to pay for parking pretty much everywhere you want to go.

I'm not sure what part of town you're in, but Boston has some lovely parks. There are the big ones that everyone knows about- The Boston Public Garden and Boston Common. The recently open The Lawn on D has public art spots. There are all sorts of greenways down by the waterfront, some hidden, some in the open.

If there was one place I'd suggest you go, no matter the distance from your hotel, it would be The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It's fabulous. $15 admission, and totally worth it.

Just Me said...

Download the Uber app and get yourself an Uber to go to and from the beach. It's cheap and easy.

Michelle in Florida said...

You are hilarious! Enjoy your time in Boston. Hope you get plenty of relaxation in, and yummy iced coffee! (I don't know if I could resist the donuts...but they aren't so yummy in the heat anyway...)

Deb said...

I second what Just Me says, get an Uber. There are parts of Boston I might not want to walk through alone to get to the beach. Just saying.

I wish I was going to be in town this week and could take you out to lunch! I'm only 35 minutes north of Boston. We've never met, but I have a feeling we'd end up talking just fine!

I agree with going to the Public Garden and Boston Common AND the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. You can also walk the Freedom Trail for free! Check out Fanueil Hall and the North End, too. There's an excellent aquarium on the waterfront, with seals out front, even if you decide not to go in. Just people watching is fun! The Boston Public Library is a great place, and very central. You're going to have a blast.