summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, December 12, 2013

in which she tries to stay home and get things done....

It was the plan, anyway. After accompanying Mirielle on her trip to mall in the suburbs yesterday, I vowed to stay home today and get things done. Then, I found myself all by my lonesome last evening as every single one of the kids living here at home left for Activity club at church. Instead of crawling in bed with a book, I behaved myself and cleaned my room and the hallway and my bathroom.

Today I was planning to wash lots of bedding. You know, load after load. Well. My sister-in-law called, asked me if I would like to go to that mall with the really cool toy store. um, yes? Yes. Of course I would. I finished my oats with blueberries and craisins, ate a few almonds, brushed my long tangly hair, and put on some bye-bye clothes. I went over some reading and math problems with Jonathan, and off I went.

Did I need a few more toys? Well, ha, of course not.

We also stopped at Walmart, where I got stuff to make fudge for Sunday's church feast. I also bought some socks and a little birthday gift for Abigail, who turns 27 on Friday, and a few presents for the girls' party Friday night, for their Yankee Swap. And, I bought some Ultra Light beer, it just sounded good. Not for now, for like Saturday night when Paul's home or something:) Anyway, through the self-check register I went, scanning all my items with no problem, until I got to the beer, uh-oh, glitch! My whole order disappeared. I had to go to the main register and have it all re-scanned. While I was waiting, I watched a woman chastising a small child. At first I thought she was just playing with the child, who looked to be under two years old. She was arguing back and forth with her, "No, YOU stop it!", she was saying in a loud stern voice. The child was shaking her head, and saying, "top it", over and over again, obviously agitated and upset. The woman made a fist and asked the child if she wanted THIS. She then told the little girl that she was SERIOUS, to just KNOCK IT OFF OR ELSE. what the H? (heck, of course, but anyway.)I said out loud, "This is ridiculous." My cashier thought I was talking about my order being messed up, and I told her I really didn't mind that, and she didn't have to apologize, it wasn't her fault (poor lady probably takes so much garbage from people every day) I told her that I was just so sick and tired of seeing people treat their children like they don't want them. I mean, I get it. Moms get tired, and impatient. I have been there, and I am still there, some days. But. Has no one ever taught this woman that children that small don't want a fist in their face? They want to see happy faces and be loved and disciplined positively, not threatened while still wearing diapers! ugh. How can God bear it all?

Anyway. Home again. I helped Jon with some work, put things away, switched the laundry, swept the floor, and here I am:) In my favorite spot. I made homemade mac-n-cheese yesterday, two large glass pans. Out of the oven, bubbling over with cheese and butter, oh yum, I only tasted it. The kids really liked it though. Today, I have to make dinner again! No fair! I have no idea what I am making.....every single day, dinner again! Although I am not REALLY complaining, at least there is food to choose from, I am thankful for that.

Sonja K. is home from school today, on the couch, not feeling well. Her tummy hurts, her head hurts, she is not faking. I know because she is not eating anything except for ginger ale, and keeps dozing off with the blanket over her face. Poor girl. I hope she doesn't throw up, and I hope the other kids don't get it. And, I hope I don't get it. blah. As if this season isn't busy enough, right? But then again, God does know just what we need, and whatever comes our way is weighed and measured just perfectly so that we can be saved in the midst of this life....and, I am going to switch some laundry and throw in some more bedding.

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