summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

wow. what a day.

Suri is going to have her puppies any day now. But she does not realize that she is a Big Dog. She still likes to get up close and get comfy.

Kitty likes to sleep in random places. I saw him walk into the living room this morning, look around, then head for the roll of wrapping paper, which was like the only item on the floor. He sauntered right over to it, and plopped down on it. On a ROLL OF WRAPPING PAPER! He is just as crazy as he looks.

But he purrs and cuddles and I really love him.

It is late, I need to get to bed. But I thought I would take a minute and write first....

Today, I was tired. I got out of my cozy bed, and oh my goodness I was still tired. I got the little girls up and dressed and made their breakfast and packed lunches, swept the floors and straightened up....then I went back to bed. Yup, I did. I really needed it, as I haven't been sleeping enough for days and days.

Mirielle, who works nights, had to stay up all day because she randomly has to work a day shift tomorrow and wants to sleep tonight, was on the couch drinking coffee and...trying to stay awake, as she usually sleeps all day now. So I sat with her and we solved the world's problems. I didn't get much done. Before I knew it, the kids were all home from school. It was cozy in here with all the Christmas lights on, and the tree all lit up. I had washed and dried the Christmas stockings, and Camille helped me put names on them and hang them up, 18 this year, as I included Ashley, and Anya.

I decided to make cut-out cookies this evening because...well, because I love messes, and getting flour all over myself. You would think that after all these years I would realize that this endeavor always takes more time than I calculate. But, I mixed up a triple batch of sugar cookie dough (yum, six sticks of butter!) Most of the girls were at church working on decorating for the upcoming Christmas feast, Sam and Joseph were here, and the little girls were here. So I did it mostly by myself. Evelyn and Jon helped me frost and decorate, but there are lots of naked ones still. I packed some up for Aaron, tomorrow is his birthday, 21 years old!

Emily, my oldest, picked Sonja up from school today, took her shopping, and out to eat with one of her friends. I LOVE that my older ones are so good to the younger ones. Mirielle (23) is taking Kathryn(15) to Europe in the spring, and all she asked is that Kathryn remember it, and return the favor by taking one of the younger ones when she is older.

So yes, I miss Paul. Really and seriously. He is such a good guy. I did tell him on the phone the other day that I am jealous that he does fun things without me....but at the same time happy for him that he gets to do them. And, that we need to do more together when we can manage, more fun outings and dates and dinners and weekends away and of course another trip to Jamaica, one of these days:) Jamaica....not just because it is hot and sunny and gorgeous and there is a beach and pools and relaxation and good food and delectable desserts and tropical drinks...but, because we can totally and completely take a break from all of our parenting responsibilities. No figuring out who needs to be where when. ect. ect ect. It is astonishing how much we still enjoy each other:)

And anyway. Enough of that. I still have a bit of Christmas shopping to do. I need something for Ben, and for Samuel. And a birthday present for Abigail, who turns 27 on Friday. I also have to get something for Aaron for tomorrow. Margaret also has a December birthday, the 22nd, but I already got her something. For all the joy that the holidays bring, the Moms bear the brunt of the stress. The other day one of the girls started listing off the things she needed me to get, and I had to stop her. My brain couldn't hold one more bit of info. Class gift exchanges, girls' church party gifts, boys' church party gifts, secret Santa for the Christmas feast (the youth age kids buy gifts for the younger ones)(I try to get candy for the youth kids), secret Santa here for not only the name I picked, but a few of the kids too. The older ones do help with this, for which I am thankful. Emily got Sonja's for her today:) But still, my head does spin. Cookies and treats for class parties and and and. So today was a nice day, very stress free.

But tomorrow....I have plans. I have already given Jonathan some assignments, Joseph and Kathryn are going to keep an eye on him, plus watch the two youngest, who already know they are staying home from school. Char just didn't feel well when she got home from school. She headed straight for her room and got into bed in her school clothes, and slept for over an hour before I went in and woke her up. She had no fever, but didn't feel well. Camille said she was sick too, of course, so I let them lie on the couches and watch t.v. and have ice cream for dinner.

Anyway, tomorrow I must go out and about because we are running out of dog chow and have no good tea left, according to Kathryn, who drinks lots of tea. I have a gift I want to get for Mali, and perhaps I can finish up the rest of it too.

Suri is in her whelping box, scratching around. She seems to know that is the place she is going to have those puppies, thanks to Jonathan, who periodically brings her to it. He lies in there next to her, praising her and petting her and talking to her about her babies. She has no idea what he is talking about but she likes it, and he is so very excited. He says several times every day how glad he is that he is homeschooling, because he is going to be here for sure when those puppies arrive. He reads about labs giving birth, and has a million questions. He wondered if she would have the same number of babies as she has boobies:)

Anyway, any time now she could have them, so I had better get some sleep while I can.....


momto9 said...

YourLife is so exciting!! It's very good to blog me thinks. So we can remember all the little details that make life... And not just the mountains of dishes and laundry

Robin said...

I can't wait to see the puppies! I have had lots of kittens here but never a batch of puppies! That will be so fun!!!