summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, April 10, 2014

here's the thing...

Camille is sick again. I should have known, I mean, she is the sixteenth child. She was extra whiny and complain-y yesterday, she didn't like her dinner, she was tired. She went to Activity Club, came home with her loot of Easter eggs from their egg hunt, and curled up on my lap. She said, "When I was looking for eggs, my heart hurt." hmm. This morning, I was thinking of keeping her home from school, but her fever of 100.2 decided it for me. So she is curled up on the couch with a purple fuzzy blanket. I read her the entire book, "Junie B. Jones And Her Big Fat Mouth".

Charlotte Claire was a big girl and went to school without her. I hope Char doesn't get this next, they are on vacation next week. February break, Char was sick for days, and Cam had her broken arm, so we didn't go to the pool or anything.

We are celebrating Paul's birthday tonight. He doesn't much like parties, but too bad. Last evening, the kids all went to Activity club at church, Paul and I ate dinner alone and watched, "Jeopardy". I made marinaded pork chops, and roasted veggies: cauliflower, green peppers and onions, yellow squash, and zucchini. I sprinkled them with olive oil and seasoning and baked them for ten or fifteen minutes.

I wanted to bake him some molasses cookies, I have his Grandma's recipe, but only have a small amount of molasses and don't feel like going out and about to the store. He doesn't really like cake, but maybe I will make cupcakes anyway, the other kids like them and it feels birthday-ish. Poor me though, I have to bake my cake and not eat it, too.

There is chicken marinating in homemade Cornell sauce in the refrigerator, and there is lots of good stuff for salad. I am hoping to go out and clean up the grill so I can cook the chicken outside, it is going to be nice today! Perhaps 70 (21c)! And, sunny!!!!, post office (mailed a box of things for Anya), grocery store, thrift store, bank, dollar store...home, and I went for a walk!, after putting the groceries away and starting dinner, that is. No excuses, ha. I thought of that as I huffed up the many excuses I have. Some of them are pretty darned valid, but still. Where there's a will there's a way. Honestly, for those years having babies and being so incredibly busy, I couldn't have made time for working out. Not every day anyway. Paul would go to the gym before work in the morning, and I would just marvel at what it must be like to just walk out the door IN ONE TRIP. See, I had to carry out the toddler, come back for the car seat and the diaper bag... Anyway. I did go to the pool here and there through the years. There was one time I was serious about it, and really worked at getting there. I tried to go a few nights a week, leaving the kids with Paul. Of course I had a nursing baby, and one night I came home and she was just crying and crying and the kids were running around...this particular baby, like lots of mine, would not take a bottle, and just plain wanted Mama. I quit. Took the path of least resistance.

And here I am, with much more time on my hands.

Today, I have a headache. I had it all night, a sinus-y kind of headache. I am trying to ignore it, but I know I have to take something for it pretty soon. That's the thing about FitMom and her No Excuses policy. Does SHE get headaches? When I get a bad one, I cannot work out. I have tried, and those headaches turn into immobilizing, almost throwing up headaches. So if she doesn't get headaches, that alone means she has no right to say anyone else has No Excuse. ha.

I don't know why that slogan bothers me so much.

As if the rest of us WANT to be fat and lazy.

sniff, we can't help it.

Camille is watching Bugs Bunny now. I have to get moving here. There was a bed-wetting last night, again, but at least my laundry isn't the mountain it was a few years back...we used to have an actual mountain in the laundry room doorway, of bedding. I just couldn't keep up. Okay, it was just a large hill, but we climbed up and over it to get into that room.

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