summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

stories and more stories....

These girls are fun...they are my six youngest daughters...Jonathan fits in there too, but he was in Washington D.C. for the weekend with is his big brother Joseph, visiting his big brother Sam:) Anyway. Here's my story....

You know the electrician story, right? Benjamin called him, he came and fixed the electricity in our living room which had been out of order for months (Jon kept teasing me, "Mom can't imagine an Extension Cord Christmas!"). This guy fixed it quickly, then called Benjamin out in Seattle, and told him that it was for free, because he likes to bless people and, "your family seems like they need it.". OUCH. Anyway. While we were working at the football game Saturday night, I told Evelyn I am just so embarrassed by the electrician's generosity. She said we would never see him again, just to forget it. Oh no, I told her, now that we know him, we'll see him everywhere. We jokingly kept pointing out tall silver-haired middle aged men and saying, "That's him!" Anyway, fast forward to Sunday...I was out and about with those six daughters of mine, and as we exited the dollar store, a man was holding the door for us...he said, "Hi! I thought I recognized you! I recognized all the girls! I'm Joe-The-Electrician!"

Since I'm so mature, I smiled and greeted him, and waited until I was ten feet away before I joined Evelyn in falling-down-in-the-parking-lot laughter.

Anyway. Yesterday we went to the pool. Davian, little Mr. Joy, LOVES walking down the ramp into the water, he just delights in it. I asked him if it was fun, and he said, "It's swimtastic!" Little sweetheart.

(Miss Camille after our swim:))

It was a busy day, and quite productive. We made three more batches of gingerbread playdough for Saturday's bazaar, and a trial batch of chocolate covered mint patties, which were quite yummy. I still have stuff to make, like fudge and more playdough.

My sister-in-law Kim and I went to the craft store after the pool...after making sandwiches and hanging up the suits and towels and making sure everyone was accounted for and being watched properly, the three Real School girls were home by then.

We stopped at Target first because duh, we were all alone sans children and it's almost Christmas. I bought Camille something I had been wanting to get her for a while, and yes, I wanted it too...a little marketplace for these little forest creatures...a miniature old fashioned farmer's market, with lots of little details, so cute and employee in the toy department suggested the store would honor the 15% online Cybermonday sale if we asked, so I decided to get this for her. I also got a few other gifts...

Then to the craft store where SO many things look SO fun! I got some wood ornaments for the kids to paint, and some green foam sheets to cut out little trees, and candles, and ribbon, and and and...:)

It was nice to eke out a few hours to spend with Kim, we go back a few years. We have been friends since middle almost 40 years! She married my brother, has 12 kids, so we have no end of things to talk about. Our kids have grown up together, her youngest daughter is besties with my little girls, and she homeschools her four youngest. We have gone through all sorts of real life, but still get along well and still have some good laughs.

Home, where this little sweetie, my granddaughter Lydia, was visiting....

Miss Charlotte Claire with Lydia...

Mali had to work last night, so we had the sweetie for a while, until her daddy came to pick her up. I LOVE having a baby in the house.

Anyway, we're not having an Extension Cord Christmas, and there are lights in the living room windows. It makes me so happy to have the room bright again, without all those cords. If you want to appreciate something, live without it for a while.

This morning, we have schooling to do, then lots of crafts to work on. I have a roast to put in the oven, yay. Tomorrow I am working a basketball game with Joseph, Kathryn, and Evelyn...which will be fun, but it will mean I can't get crafts done, so I have to work on things while I can, which is just a teeny bit difficult for Miss Procrastinator here.


Lisa said...

Oh how funny about the electrician! The next thing will be that he is actually married to someone you knew in high school or one of his kids went to school with your child or some other connection that you never knew about before! It's good that you can laugh about it though - I think I would be a bit mortified by the whole situation. I was thinking about the last post you wrote about it and kept thinking how hard it is for us to accept gifts of generosity. We do things for others (family counts!!) all the time and then when someone does something kind and unexpected for us we are so embarrassed and maybe even feel undeserving (especially when its a stranger). I constantly think about how blessed I am and there are so many others who need things more than I do. Of course I have to "make" myself do that because it is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking I need things I really just want.

Have fun getting ready for the craft show/bazzar dealie. Gingerbread play dough sounds like it would smell heavenly :)

16 blessings'mom said...

It's so true that we think we NEED things that we just plain want. I have to readjust my thinking every once in a while and count my blessings instead of racking up that invisible list of wants.

And trust me, I am mortified by the electrician, but Evelyn and I have had such a kick out of the whole thing, you know, laughing instead of crying and all:)