summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2007

clean out the shoes day

Today we cleaned out shoes. Too small, too scuffed, one missing, just ugly, won't fit, throw them out, ten bags full!!! Some flip-flops got packed away, some are still worn. Now we have only a hundred or so pairs, all neat and tidy, because, YAY! Boots need to come out soon!

Then Ben called to tell me he crashed his car and got a DWI. Just kidding, he said. If I could kill someone over the phone! He tried to fix his brakes, and one didn't work, and locked up. He needed the car towed from his work to the garage, and needed me to help (I have tripleA) out and about I went....then to Wal-Mart, where lucky Molly Rose found a ten dollar bill in the parking lot!

All I WANTED to do today: get the baby clothes out!! I'm due 5 weeks from tomorrow, and I always have the clothes clean and ready 6 weeks before. Plus my hospital bag packed with clean new nightgowns, ect. (Just because I have alot of kids, doesn't mean I have to look like a slob) I actually like to wear my own nice gown for the birth, instead of one of those one-size-doesn't-all ugly hospital ones..... but, I rescued Ben today, and when I got home it was dinner time, then I sat down and put my feet up....Oh well, one of these days....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

what a day.....

Well, I failed my 1 hr. glucose test. Hopefully it was just a mistake. I took the 3 hour one today, what a way to spend a sunny warm Saturday. I really hope I pass this one. I have had healthy pregnancies up to now. I am more conscious of carbs and sugar now, though.

The plebotomist asked me today if this was my first pregnancy. I honestly don't tell alot of people how many kids we have because it seems so strange to them. But she asked, straight out, how many I had. Her reaction? "What do you want with all those kids?" Well, they're wonderful. They're funny, they're never bored, or boring. They love me. They hug me. I get to hug them, too. People just don't know what they're missing. What I hate: school folders. I like seeing their schoolwork,but why do I have to sign everything, and fill out everything, and keep track of so many spelling words?

Grampa: The mice built a nest in the Husquevarna lawn tractor, and caused the head gasket to blow: $278.00!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

another doctor visit

Blood pressure: 112/70, weight: yeah, right, I'm going to put that here....Baby sounds good. Pretty uneventful, but that's okay. It seems like pregnancy goes on forever and ever, and then at the end it goes even slower. Then all of the sudden, it seems there's never going to be enough time to get everything done. I had to move all the clothes out of my room that belong to Charlotte Claire, and make room for baby stuff. I always try to get the baby stuff washed and ready by the time I have 6 weeks to go. I have to get moving.

It seems like all I ever do is go to the store and buy groceries. It is perpetual, like everything else around here. I bought 12 pears yesterday, gone today. Em bought a bag of pears and a bag of apples Monday, gone. Bagels, waffles, bread, grapes, don't stay around long. We are always out of something. Cats are starving, Mom. We have no toilet paper! How can we bring lunch with no baggies.....

But life is not about that. I need to learn patience and goodness. Life is just a trial. God is good. He never sends more than I can manage. I just have to throw away all my ideas about what that means. He wants me to be saved, and to be free from sin. To be faithful in the small.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

the school days go on and on.....

Eleven days of school so far...only 169 to go. Joe missed today, first kid to miss this year. Every night, after dinner, I am tired. But clothes for tommorrow, lunches, homework, little projects, forms to sign....No wonder I love summer. Six kids go on first trip at 7:30, then the four little girls at 8:30....What a sigh of relief when they get on that bus!!! Not because I want them to go-oh no, I want them here!! It's just that it's so crazy getting their hair brushed, finding the right footwear, ect.....Then the quiet begins. Jon likes to play with his trucks in the morning, while I do what I can before Charlotte Claire starts yelling. Jon loves to go climb in her crib with her...she wakes up just so happy.

Who in their right mind would go on an outing to Wal-Mart with Jon and Charlotte, 6and 1/2 weeks from their due date with baby number 16??? I mean, this woman can't even lean over. Well, I did this today. Let's just say I survived. And I decided I'll never do this on my own when baby is born!! The kids loved it, though. Of course Charlotte's new dolly and Jon's little toy bike helped!

Gramma and Grampa: I don't know what kind of baby this is yet. I have to get both kinds of clothes out. Also, Price-Chopper is having a gas special: For every $50 you spend, you get 10 cents off a gallon. So, I've gotten three fill-ups of $60 worth of gas for under 25 cents. Plus, Em got two fill-ups. It was quite funny actually: She came home all happy, because she didn't realize how much off per gal. she had on her P.chopper card! So she filled her tank, $1.80 off per gallon!! I told her she had MY P.Chopper card! And that I was going to kill her. But it WAS funny, that it didn't occur to her how she could've accrued so much off per gallon herself....I didn't kill her, either. And: I bought a hot tub. These sore aching muscles...and the kids going nuts in the house in the winter...Dave L. put in a sidewalk, 6x8, and Paul built an adjoining deck, 8x8, to put the tub on, right out the back door. We just have to wait for Bob to come wire it. I SO wish you could see how nice it looks. I really miss you guys....

Friday, September 7, 2007

hot humid day

It was a scorcher today! Charlotte Claire and Jonny had so much fun in the little pool. She doesn't mind getting soaked, and water in her face is fun for her. Jon is a bit more reserved. But the water is so warm, the sun so hot, and a nice breeze. I put my chair right next to the pool and put my feet in. Go ahead and splash me, kids.

Dinner tonight: I went in the big pool with some little girls. Molly put the chicken on to boil, then Em put it on the grill. Aaron made the macaroni and cheese while I made a salad, and Molly set the table. Everyone crowded around the table (two tables put together, one oval and one rectangle) except Mariel, who was running. Em cooked some carrots for Charlotte Claire, and she really ate the chicken well. Joe has to write a paper on the most signifigant events of the last ten years. I suggested the invention of baby carrots. Em thinks the Harry Potter books, which positively impacted the reading habits of pre-teens. Joe thinks maybe the death of Kurt Cobain, which meant the end of awful music.....Our table is a very interesting place. Charlotte Claire screams and shieks for things, pass this, pass that, do NOT burp at the table! They had to all be out the door by 7:00 for childrens activity club, hurry! I am mean, I make them clean up first. When everyone pitches in, dinner for 16 is cleaned up fast.( Ben is at college)

Just daddy and I are home with Jon and C.C. It is very quiet.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

sonogram today

I have been so excited to find out if this baby is a girl or boy. I went in for the sono today, and the shy little thing had his/her legs crossed! Everything else looked good, so I am happy. I'll just have to get boy things and girl things out! I have less than 9 weeks to go. I really am enjoying the kicking and movement of this baby inside, but am also looking forward to meeting IT. Who would think #16 would bring such joy?

Saturday, September 1, 2007

a day with the littler ones

Seven of the oldest kids went to a youth conference for the weekend, and the 18 year old was at work. Then daddy and Marg (10) and Kathryn (9) went to help with the snack bar there. So that left me with Evelyn, 8, Suzanne, 6, Sonja, 5, Jonathan, 3, and Charlotte Claire, 15 months. We had french toast for dinner!! Then we had some baths and showers, stories, and rainbow licorice. Evelyn came out for an extra hug, and said what a nice time she had tonight. The oldest four share a bedroom, and they went to sleep almost immediatly tonight! I guess this all means they like my attention, which they obviously get less of when the older ones are around.

Charlotte Claire spent her first night in her own room last night: Mommy didn't have to get up with her at all!! Only 9 weeks and a few days 'til the next one comes to room with mommy and daddy...

Mr. Kitty just came over and said hello, purring like crazy. His real name is General Thunder. His sister is KittenForce. We got them around mother's day, and they are about 5 months old. Mother's day was wonderful: after 5-6 weeks of spotting and bleeding and thinking I was miscarrying, I had just had a sonogram that showed an active little baby in there!! And two sweet little kittens too!!

This baby is so active!! I hope to find out what it is on Thursday. I have my second sonogam. I get to be NOT HOME on the second day of school...the poor kids. They'll be in good hands, but I have to make sure to listen to their stories when I get home that afternoon-evening....

No, it is not impossible to have so many kids, but it is definitly a sacrifice - no, not one sacrifice. A whole series of them. I literally have to give my life for them. And when I do that, it is nice here. They are SO funny: Let them pour their own syrup, you've made their day.